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Brisbane’s Coldest Start To Winter Since 1904, As Polar Cold Intensifies Across Australia; U.S. Could Eradicate Inflation Overnight, But ‘Green Zealots’ Won’t Allow It; + Spotless Sun

Brisbane’s Coldest Start To Winter Since 1904 As Polar Cold Intensifies In Australia

Many Australian’s are still enduring anomalous chills this week. And despite BoM protestations that it is the length of this cold spell that is rare rather than the low temperature readings themselves, hundreds of benchmarks have been taken out.

The southeast, in particular, continues to battle through record-breaking early-season lows and snows, as the latest in a string of powerful Antarctic fronts cements this as many locales’ coldest start to winter in decades.

The cold is even pushing unusually-far north into parts of typically warm Queensland, too.

In Toowoomba, for example, which is located an hour-and-a-half west of Brisbane, the mercury has been falling to -5C (23F) and below this week, with a record-challenging -5.4C (22.3F) forecast for Thursday morning by Weatherzone.

And in Brisbane itself, there hasn’t been a week this cold this early in the season since at least 1904 (the Centennial Minimum).

Sydneysiders are on for their coldest run of early-winter days since 1989, again according to Weatherzone.

While Melbourne is in the midst of its coldest start to June since 1982.

Shifting further south, and into Tasmania, those living in Launceston woke to an astonishing -1.6C (29.1F) on Tuesday. 

The Bureau of Meteorology has said the cold front moved north into NSW on Tuesday and will be into central and inland Queensland by Wednesday. The icy blast is then set to reach the Top End by Thursday.

All of this anomalous, long-lasting cold is arriving in line with Australia’s best to start to a ski season in 50 years (see link below), meaning this is the literal polar-opposite of what members of the AGW Party had prophesied we would see by mid-2022.

How long can this ruse continue to be propped-up?

Propaganda is all that’s doing it now.

The actual data supports an entirely different reality.

The cold and wet conditions are negatively impacting Aussie crops, too.

As reported by, relentless rainfall –another Aussie reality the global warming crowd got spectacularly wrong– is delaying the cotton harvest by up to two months in parts of New South Wales.

Many Aussie cotton growers have been flooded-out since December and as a result are anticipating a substantial drop in the quality of this year’s harvest–if conditions ever allow the machinery into the fields, that is.

As with all commodities this year, cotton prices are very high, making the inability to harvest doubly frustrating.

“We haven’t had this sort of moisture probably since the late ’80s or 1990. It’s a one-in-30-year event,” said Narromine grower Jon Elder. “It’ll be a mess at the end of the day, and then we have to turn around and get that country ready for cotton next year. So that’s a big challenge,” he added.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) June 8 – June 12 [].

U.S. Could Eradicate Inflation Overnight, But ‘Green Zealots’ Won’t Allow It

The U.S. economy will worsen — that’s the warning from billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis, who claimed a recession is completely avoidable if only the current administration “opened up the spigots” and allowed America to power itself.

“It will get worse, which is very, very sad,” said Catsimatidi in a recent interview on Fox Business.

“[But] it doesn’t have to happen. As I said before … a recession does not have to happen … We have a hundred years worth of oil. Let them open up the spigots and the price of crude oil will come back down to 55, 60, maybe 65 — half!”

This won’t be happen any time soon, however, as ‘green zealots’ have control of the White House and are hellbent on putting failing, politicized scientific hypotheses ahead of human prosperity.

“Nobody can understand —all the people I talked to— nobody can understand,” continued Catsimatidis. “[The current administration] wants to fly to Saudi Arabia and beg the Saudi Arabians to give us another half a million barrels at $120 a barrel. Does that make any sense at all? It makes no sense!”

The businessman went on to warn that the Federal Reserve raising interest rates will not “bring down the price of oil” nor will it avert a recession; what it will do, however, is “wipe out the real estate industry [and] everything else in America.” 

“Somebody is on the path to try to destroy America,” Catsimatidis concluded.

All of this goes to my point that today’s collapse is intentional. This destruction in living standards is too well planned to be by accident. We’re in a midst of a controlled demolition of the global society–not just America’s; one with the intention of making things so bad that the masses are browbeaten into accepting ANY alternative that is laid down before them, no matter how draconian or tyrannical, because at the end of the day, anything is preferable to starvation.

And for those still believing that we live in a democracy and can, in turn, alter the course of events, then get this administration to stop paying over the odds for foreign oil and instead “turn on the spigots in the US”, as Catsimatidis puts it. Open the veins of the nation, get the energy flowing again, and in doing so American’s will see their inflation woes vanish almost overnight.

But “cLiMaTe ChAnGe”?!

Am I right?!

Spotless Sun

With multiple sunspot groups in rapid decay, the sun is on the verge of producing a spotless day–something Dr Tony Philips of describes as “a remarkable development more than two years after the start of Solar Cycle 25.”

While Solar Cycle 25 has started ahead of the official forecasts (as shown below), I feel it’s still too early to draw any conclusions.

The preceding cycle (24) also began in a somewhat frantic fashion, but then quickly died-off as it progressed. The similarities between the start of SC24 and SC25 are clear to see, with sharp increases playing out before even sharper pullbacks:

[Helio4cast — a group of scientists based in Austria working on basic and applied space weather research]

Solar activity was always expected to rise during the ramp-up of cycle 25. It’s Solar Cycle 26 where the chill of solar minimum is forecast –by many– to commence.

And even though SC25 has indeed been firing-off M-flares and minor X-flares in recent weeks, the bigger picture (shown below) reveals that the cycle is still on course to be far weaker than the recent cycles of 21, 22 and 23, and so more in keeping with its immediate predecessor–the historically weak cycle of 24:

Solar Cycle 25 progression (green line) compared to 24, 23, 22 & 21 [].

Below is a chart comparing SC25 to the very weak cycles of the early-1900s (the Centennial Minimum).

Clear to see is just how lackluster these past two cycles are:

Solar Cycle 24 & 25 compared to 16, 14, 13 & 12 [].

In fact, they’re the weakest pair of cycles in more than two centuries:

Weakest cycles in more than 200 years [].

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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12 Thoughts to “Brisbane’s Coldest Start To Winter Since 1904, As Polar Cold Intensifies Across Australia; U.S. Could Eradicate Inflation Overnight, But ‘Green Zealots’ Won’t Allow It; + Spotless Sun”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    Seems to me the climate always hits Australia first, with the US following 6 months behind. That is my perception.
    Let’s see if the data agrees this year!

  2. Dallas Schneider

    The Centennial Minimum was also the only cycle to produce THREE Periods of 30+ NO Sunspot days, similar to 2019-2020.
    Following this we had the 20 Sept 2020 Famous Prediction
    “Unimaginable Cold Coming This Winter”!
    which prediction was fulfilled by the Texas Freeze as prophesied!!!
    The Future is COLD, here on Planet Earth!

    But it is like nothing on Planet Mars, where 25% of the atmosphere
    freezes into Dry Ice every winter.
    THANK GOD Mars has a 96% CO2 Atmosphere Warming it UP!
    Without that FAMOUS GREENHOUSE GAS Effect, the whole atmosphere
    might be ON THE GROUND as DRY ICE!!!

    Just might be that a little more CO2 may be good for us here on Planet Earth!
    What say you?


  3. Michael Peinsipp

    “Somebody is on the path to try to destroy America,” Catsimatidis concluded.
    Two guesses – György Schwartz OR George Soros…oh that’s right…they are the same people…one pre NAZI and one with NAZI’s.
    Of all the people on Earth, Soros is the most dangerous Human since Hitler…hell Hitler was his idol!!!
    In his own words on working WITH NAZI’s in WW2 Hungary…and he made much money!!!

  4. Scott

    So much for that explosion of far-side sunspot activity, guaranteed to make an appearance in subsequent days. Well Dr Tony Phillips?

  5. Doktor seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

    Blame the jet stream: Where in the world is the summer heat?
    June 7th 2022

    1. Anonymous

      Arizona lol

      1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

        Alberta, mostly BLM/chimp ‘n spik ‘n kike-free during the Deagel/Zio forecast/zombie reduction apocalypse and we don’t need electricity for year ’round air conditioning, lol
        Bad Jew Jew: Jewish Influence on USA ✡

    2. Deb

      And Missouri. Expecting high 95F + 95% humidity for the next 10 days, ie: normal.

  6. MattH

    Global MSLP weather map again. It is still anomalous.

    It appears the Hadley cell as shrunk due to lack of sun activity. Africa zone is still showing a near overlap of the two hemisphere weather systems.

    There is an airstream over the Antarctic Continent below South America that is traversing Antarctica until airstreaming North over Eastern Aussie and New Zealand. Very anomalous cold for NZ, coming Saturday morning and Wednesday morning.
    The South of South Africa looks like it will experience an Antarctic break out in a day or three.
    A curious pressure differential of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean tropical zone at sea surface.
    Also, the Southern Ocean weather systems are usually shaped like an egg on it’s side. The current high over Australia is like an egg standing on it’s end, allowing high latitude cold air to migrate to lower latitude areas creating anomalous temperatures. This happened to the Antarctic peninsular when it reached 17 degrees in recent history. A mass of warm air was carried from 20 degrees South by a slow moving stable airstream to over the Antarctic peninsular. Weather systems shaped like eggs standing on egg cause anomalous temperatures. Yo.

    1. MattH

      Correction. Weather systems shaped like eggs standing on end cause anomalous temperatures. Yo.

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