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“Big Winter Storm” to Bury Europe under 50 inches of Snow

Europe can expect upwards of 50 inches of the white stuff this next 10 days, as a “big winter storm” looks set to smash into the continent.

BBC Weather forecaster Chris Fawkes has warned a “big winter storm” is set to crash into eastern Europe beginning Wednesday, Dec 12 threatening massive disruption in the run-up to Christmas.

Monster snow totals are likely across vast swathes of the continent, with the worst affected regions expected to be Norway, Scotland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and the Alps — where 50 inches (4.1 feet) are possible from Dec 12 through Dec 21, according to the latest GFS run.

GFS Total Snowfall Dec 12 thru Dec 21:

With regards to the UK, BBC Weather forecaster Simon King said: “A noticeably colder feeling day on Thursday and Friday, with temperatures dropping to 4C. But a significant wind chill will make it feel like it is freezing.

“There the risk of snow falling across northern England and Scotland. There could easily be some disruption from that so stay tuned for updates.”

The cold times have returned.

History is repeating.

Grand Solar Minimum

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  1. M. Phillips

    Its a WINTER STORM in Fall. Winter is not till NEXT week!

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