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Beached Pilot Whales are a Sign of the Magnetic Pole Shift and Waning Magnetosphere

Since 1850 Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. At the turn of the millennium it then began reducing exponentially, at more than 10% per decade — this drop off is extreme and concerning, and here’s why.

Earth’s magnetic field protects us from space radiation. Our shields going down is very bad news for all life on our planet, and could possibly even lead to the next mass extinction.

“As the magnetic field weakens, the poles shift,” says David Mauriello of the ORP and MRN. For the past 100-or-so years, both north and south poles have been rapidly headed towards the equator (shown below), and their pace is increasing, warns Mauriello. The south pole is now off the Antarctic continent and making a beeline for Indonesia, and the north pole is shifting across the Arctic circle towards Siberia, it too headed for Indonesia–where the pair are likely to meet within the next few decades, perhaps around 2050.

This “meeting” will lead to one of two eventualities: 1) a full flip will take place (aka a “reversal” where the magnetic poles switch places), or 2) a “snap-back” will occur where the poles quickly return to their original starting points (aka an “excursion”).

However, it’s not the shifting poles that will cause the main problem–though it is certainly one of the problems, continues Mauriello. No, the biggest concern is the waning magnetosphere that comes as a result of a pole shift.

“As the magnetic field weakens on Earth more cosmic radiation can enter,” explains Mauriello. “Not only cosmic rays, the entire broad spectrum of radiation will increase. Did you notice this summer, just standing in the sun even for a few minutes was hellish?” he asks: “That’s because we’re at solar minimum, we have a reduced magnetic field, and you’re feeling the effects of that radiation. And this, unfortunately, is going to be increasing for the rest of your life–or until the reversal/excursion takes place.”

Magnetic reversals and excursions have been documented –in recent years– to have caused some of the largest mass extinctions on the planet, including the Younger Dryas event which eliminated up to 65% of the world’s megafauna.

Tasmania’s “Lost” Pilot Whales

Heartbreaking images show the aftermath of Australia’s worst-ever mass stranding of pilot whales. To date, almost 400 whales are estimated to have died.

A dead pilot whale is seen at Macquarie Harbour on Thursday in Strahan, western Tasmania.
An estimated 380 are confirmed dead after the large group came aground near the coast.

This may-well go down as one of the largest mass-stranding events history, but it certainly isn’t unprecedented. Data exists for many other strandings in recent times, and guess what–they all occur during solar minimums.

Back in 1985 some 450 pilot whales were stranded in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1996 320 pilot whales became stranded in the WA town of Dunsborough. Furthermore, this week’s stranding is also the first to involve more than 50 whales in Tasmania since 2009. And then back in 2017, a staggering 600 pilot whales washed-up on New Zealand’s South Island with more than 350 dying in the process.

So, that’s 1985, 1996, 2009, 2017, and now 2020 — these are not random dates: all of these years fall within solar minimums “when maximum cosmic radiation is entering the planet, and this would be diminution of the magnetic field as well — confusion to the animals,” points out Mauriello.

Chart of the two most recent solar cycles, plus a consensus prediction for cycle 25.

“These are predictable events based on the waning magnetosphere and the breakdown of our sun happening simultaneously,” says Mauriello. “These events are going to continue for maybe another year-or-so and then when we get to solar minimum of cycle 25 we can expect them to happen in 2031, 2032, 2033.”

Mass stranding of pilot whales on the shore of Cape Cod in 1902 (solar minimum of cycle 13).

Mauriello concludes with this stark warning: “The magnetic excursion or reversal is going to continue as the the sun also enters grand minima — these two events happening at the same time, in my opinion, are not coincidental but in fact will accentuate the rush towards the next ice age.

“Based on all proxy data, in the next 1,400 years-or-so we will be in maximum glaciation. Many scientists have been wondering what transpires to kick this off. Well, you’re looking at it,” concludes Diamond: “the poles are rapidly moving, as the Earth’s shield is weakening, and we’re entering grand minima.”

Cycles upon cycles are aligning (400 year Grand Solar Minimum cycle/12,000 magnetic excursion cycle–to name but two). You and I appear be living through the commencement of the next Cosmic Catastrophe here on Earth.

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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