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Australia’s “Conveyor Belt Of Cold Fronts” To Continue, Energy Prices Soar; U.S. Suffers Record-Breaking Late-Season Snowfall; + Asia Turns To EU Wheat Due To Shortages

Australia’s “Conveyor Belt Of Cold Fronts” To Continue, Energy Prices Soar

The majority of Australia is experiencing a “conveyor belt of cold fronts”, coinciding with a rally in energy prices leaving Aussies hesitant to tum on the heater during uncommonly long stretches of cold weather, reports

It’s been an intense few weeks for energy prices across the Aussie continent with severe pressure on both gas and electricity prices leading to calls to reserve more supplies, stop exports and “manage” domestic coal prices.

The polar blast afflicting most of the country has heaped further pressures on inventories. And with the freeze forecast to persist, with all capital cities -excluding Perth- set to experience temperatures well-below seasonal averages over the next week, this entire situation is surely a million miles away from where those renewable-pushing climate cultists saw us by mid-2022 (which they would freely admit if introspection, self-awareness and logic were traits and processes they possessed).

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) June 6 – June 13 [].

“It’s been a pretty cold start to the winter in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Tasmania,” said Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jonathan How. “We’re expecting those cold conditions to continue … We’ll see the cold air spread up into northern NSW and even parts of southern and central Queensland through the week.”

The meteorologist added that the persistent nature of the cold was rare. Australia is onto its third consecutive major cold system. Back-to-back systems are rare.  Three in a row is virtually unheard of.

“The most unusual aspect is how long it’s lasting … it’s definitely unusual to see such a long stretch of cold air. Canberra this week … had three days in a row below I0C, which hasn’t happened since 2009 [solar minimum of cycle 23]. Melbourne, too, has had quite an extended run.”

As well as bringing persistent, anomalous cold to much of Australia, the Antarctic fronts are also responsible for the continent’s best start to a ski season in 50+ years.

And looking ahead, yet more snow is expected across the alpine regions of NSW and Victoria, at times with blizzard conditions:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) June 6 – June 11 [].

“Get used to it because we’ve got another three months of winter,” How concluded.

U.S. Suffers Record-Breaking Late-Season Snowfall

It’s been a spring to forget for U.S. and Canadian growers, and even now, through the first week of June, lingering lows and late-season snows are continuing across the central and northern mountains.

Looking at just a handful of examples, Blue Valley, CO recently amassed a record 16.1 inches (40.9cm) of snow; Silver Plume, CO received 9.1 inches (23.1cm); while parts of Yellowstone, WY have seen drifts of up to 6-feet, according to local media.

Evergreen, CO recently saw 5.8 inches of snow which, as confirmed by 9News meteorologist Chris Bianchi, is the city’s largest June snowfall since at least 1961 when record books began.

These late-season chills are hurting North America’s young, tender field crops, crops that were already well-delayed due to persistent cold and wet conditions.

Asia Turns To EU Wheat Due To Shortages

Southeast Asia-based wheat importers have been told their go-to suppliers are unavailable, and so have been forced to turn to already stretched European wheat, most notably from French, Romanian and Bulgarian origins.

Exports from the Ukraine –which feed 400 million people– are still unavailable, and with Australia –Indonesia’s biggest wheat supplier– out of the market due to the country’s port capacity being fully booked, many Asian importers are struggling to source enough food to feed their people.

Importers are also looking to cover positions they had booked with Indian wheat, after authorities there banned exports: “There were at least five panamax-size vessels for shipment to Indonesia from India,” a Europe-based trader told Agricensus, with those volumes now facing an uncertain future.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest wheat importers, buying around 11 million mt of wheat annually — usually from Australia (now offline), Ukraine (now offline), Canada (freezing its tits off) and Argentina (harvest-hindering polar cold is prevailing).

In a sign of the times, Asian buyers have expanded their search to France, Romania or Bulgaria for milling wheat, which is having the affect of pushing already record prices even higher.

In another sign of desperation, global grain importers are easing import requirements in order to secure supply — changing the quality specifications is one tactic being implemented.

Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Thailand and the Philippines are among the nations to have recently amended their import terms in this way — these are also some of the nations most-likely to suffer severe food shortages and famine first.

According to the UN, currently some 44 million people at already at emergency levels of hunger. Although that number is expected to rise exponentially if the global food/energy crisis isn’t resolved–a crisis UN secretary general Antonio Guterres blames mainly on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which he says has led to not only a shortage of the grain itself, but also of key farming inputs (such as seeds and fertilizers).

Rising wheat prices are shaking global markets, but staying in Asia, China –the world’s top consumer of the grain– is already seeing its consumers paying record prices for food staples like noodles and bread.

Wheat harvested in China in recent weeks is being sold at around 3,200 yuan ($477) per tonne, about 30% higher than a year ago and the highest level on record.

“Everything is so much more expensive now. With nitrogen alone, prices have jumped about 100 yuan per bag,” said a farmer based in Hebei province. The farmer estimated the cost for winter wheat was as high as 700 yuan per tonne due the seed going into the ground late last fall due to persistent cold and heavy rains — a scenario that rings true with both North and South America farmers, alike.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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13 Thoughts to “Australia’s “Conveyor Belt Of Cold Fronts” To Continue, Energy Prices Soar; U.S. Suffers Record-Breaking Late-Season Snowfall; + Asia Turns To EU Wheat Due To Shortages”

  1. Michael Peinsipp

    Cap Thank you for ALL of your hard work and great Scientific/Political articles.
    Political as in talking about the fools who believe TRILLIONS will save Earth.
    Why do Humans believe that they can control Climate when they can’t even control say Crime?
    Thanks Cap

    1. Anthony

      Yep, they can predict the climate but have no idea of the weather…6th June here in sunny Manchester and it still has not warmed up proper like…. Cold this morning, again….. I think we hit 15 c…..59F this afternoon…..

  2. Baba Looey

    Don’t talk to me about the traditional once a year Father’s Day. It’s empty. Vapid. There should be a whole month for FATHERS [like the Cap’n(s) while also running this/these site(s)] WHO EARN A LIVING FOR THEIR FAMILIES. Because it isn’t easy. If men who gather together in the woods and beat drums and talk about their feelings rate books being written about them, then a Recognition Month for fathers who support their families should spawn its own stories about dedication, commitment, and hard work. And if some synthetic group pushing who knows what can go to the White House and smile and shake hands with the President and pose for pictures, why can’t the good fathers earn an invitation and grab press coverage?
    Because it would drive people crazy. That’s why. People who don’t know, and don’t want to know, what steady every day work is like would take to Twitter whining about the “crime” of exalting fathers and “desecrating society’s victims.” I was probably moved to write this article an hour ago, when I read about a new documentary detailing the Canadian truckers’ journey across the country to protest Trudeau’s vaccine policy. And I realized that, in all the coverage of the convoy at the time, no one seemed to be mentioning the fact that these truckers actually work for a living, relentlessly doing something hard every day. They aren’t college students living off of loans, attending classes in which the professors instruct them on the latest woke causes.

    Electroverse ain’t woke, it’s something worth preserving; and when push comes to shove, something worth defending and supporting.

    The Good Fathers. We’re supposed to believe it’s an idea whose time came and went. We’re on the cusp of a New Age; robot machines are taking over from human hands and brains. Therefore, we’ll all gain automatic status as citizens provided for by the State. And as the World Economic Forum proclaims, we’ll own nothing and we’ll be happy. There’s the rub. Fathers who support their families actually own something worth preserving; and when push comes to shove, something worth defending.

    Trucking For Freedom
    A Docuseries Built by Canadian Creatives
    Chapter One: How We Got Here

    Alan Watt – A Song for Dads – Mar 11, 2021

  3. Al

    Here in central Victoria, Australia it is well below normal for over a week now.
    Cold, windy and rain/sleet conditions for early June and normally it passes for a few weeks..but this time it’s persistent. That’s what happens when Antartica get record cold last year…but these Met office clowns never forecast weeks before what has happened. They are pushing the flu jab via propaganda in the rags as many refuse these jabs for children compared to average years…flu of course has made a return after being absent for two years….they don’t tell them that you cannot catch the flu, that’s impossible…flu begins as a bacterial infection such as a cold and can turn to flu in a rundown body or a body with toxins like the Covid jabs…this is why many are getting ill from pneumonia, respiratory infections and flu type symptoms…the jabs are destroying their immune systems. Th media ar culpable in this genocide.

  4. Offgrid outback

    Interesting article from the warmist infested ABC (Australia) on the breakdown of the AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation). States this always occurs prior to ice ages then goes on to say the breakdown is caused by melting of the ice packs in Greenland and the Antarctic. As that is patently untrue is this some kind of subliminal warning on a coming ice age? Obviously the article wouldn’t be published if the stated reason was magnetic fields and ultimately the Sun.
    I would interested in your interpretation Cap and also of other readers.

    1. Adellad

      Their ABC’s article is yet another example of our “progressive” elite changing the narrative so that the coming intense cold remains the fault of Caucasian men driving SUV’s.

      1. TheMronz

        Here’s hoping all those egocentric dumpster mouthed progressives find themselves in social purgatory when the extent of their folly becomes common knowledge.
        It’s noticeable the media are indeed starting to write in the odd get out of jail clause as their conviction to the AGW agenda inevitably begins to wane.

  5. MattH

    The current global Mean Surface Level Pressure weather map, 7th June 2022 ,(below) took me a while to work out what was unusual.

    What I have never seen before is Southern Hemisphere weather latitudinally overlapping Northern Hemisphere weather (Africa zone) and nearly overlapping latitudinally (Eastern Pacific) making the tropical zone the narrowest I have ever seen it.

    proof read. yep. send

    1. MattH

      Correction. My earlier comment is so much in error. It would not be the polar jet streams but the sub tropical jet streams that may have been in aberration.. Normally these occur at around 30 degree latitude.

      Plus the event mentioned resolved in the next updated weather map. Better to say nothing than to be so wrong. Oh well!


    With Biden And The Globalists NEEDING A Massive Death Wave Rumbling Across America To ‘Fully Cement Tyranny Into Place,’ These Stories Are Hinting To Us Now How They’ll Do It – June 6, 2022
    – US Senator Warned Years Ago Of A ‘100% Certainty’ This Will Happen In The Future –
    And with this Liberty Daily story reporting “the US is experiencing more outages globally than any other industrialized nation,” with about “70% of our grid nearing end of life,” we don’t have to imagine too hard exactly what that means with any long term grid down scenario during the summer months instantly exacerbating America’s food shortage crisis, while should such a thing last into the colder months, as several different ANP readers had pointed out in our story comment sections, they could quickly ‘freeze to death the unprepared’ with America already knee deep in Biden’s energy crisis.
    A summer electricity shortage could turn into a food crisis.
    “Grid failure” in the summer means no refrigeration for a lot of grocery stores.
    Without refrigeration, a food crisis follows.

    Stop SCARING me with REAL information!


    When New York goes bye bye, the UN City Copenhagen is ready! (video is from March 2014)… quite the planners these globalists to say the least


    RED ALERT: Russia and China planning simultaneous attack to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America [these guys always war gaming these scenarios… just like the WEF/UN/WHO/Covid/Monkeypox/supply chain crash/wars/911 etc… maybe they’ll just have another “Red Dawn” like drill that coincidentally goes “live” again – would make for even way more interesting times… might make some preps to go along with the “play” just in case]

    Mark My Words…THIS is Coming in 2022 – It’s Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare – 06/06/2022

    The Last Stage Of Tyrannical Technocrat Takeover 6/07/2022

  9. kentlfc

    Def not cold in northern Queensland, We’re looking at a 6th wet winter in a row. And when it’s cloudy, the heat gets trapped and doesn’t cool down. 🙁 Basically, while the rest of the country has been cool, we’ve had no decent winters up here in 6 years.

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