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Australia’s Big Freeze: Blizzards, 110km/h winds and -5C Temperatures On The Way

Australian’s are being warned to prepare for hail, snow, fierce winds and freezing temperatures as a series of cold fronts sweep in.

BOM duty forecaster Shane Hicks said the fronts would be widespread, bringing thunderstorms, gusty winds, hail and snow.

In Collie, Thursday morning’s temperature is set to be just 1C, while in Narrogin (in the Wheatbelt) they could see a drop to 2C — that’s 3C below average for both towns.

A low of -5C is forecast for Canberra on Thursday, a whopping six degrees Celsius below the average for the time of year.

By next Monday, Aug 06, the entire country looks set to be in the grip of a severe cold front, plunging temperatures to 6C below-average across vast areas.




Kangaroos Take To The Streets Over Food Shortages

“Canberra is experiencing a perfect storm of hardship for its kangaroos,”¬†ACT Parks and Conservation Service Director Daniel Iglesias told CNN.

“New records have been set in Canberra for very cold, frosty nights this winter. This, coupled with very dry conditions with very little rain at all in June and July, means there is very little food for kangaroos.

“Sports ovals, suburban yards, schoolyards and roadsides are the few places offering any green grass at all in Canberra at the moment and they act as magnets for kangaroos,” he said.


[Featured Photo: Stephen Hamilton]

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