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Australia Gripped by Big Freeze — Temperature Records Tumble, Fierce Frosts Shatter Harvest Hopes

A polar blast tearing north through Australia Sunday morning is sending temperatures plunging 10C below average for the time of year.

Walpeup saw its coldest Sept morning in 23 years and coldest morning this late in the year in more than 50 years of records, recording a minimum of -0.8C.

A 24-year-old record was shattered in Victoria’s Hunters Hill, where temperatures dipped to a frigid -2.6C.

And Falls Creek reached a 12-year low of -7.6C, while Mt Hootham saw -8.0C and the summit of Thredbo recorded -8.6C.

The glacial weather has been attributed to an “unusually strong cold front” — we know it as the Grand Solar Minimum pattern.

Prepare NH, the coming winter(s) are going to be brutal.


“Fierce and Widespread Frosts”

The record-breaking cold spell in WA’s agricultural heartland has shattered farmers’ harvest hopes.

Temperatures in the Wheatbelt dipped between 0 and -5C over the weekend, while the Great Southern town of Newdegate recorded its lowest-ever temperature of -4.3C.

Kojonup farmer Dan Ladyman called the frost ‘fierce and widespread.’

“First impressions was that it was obviously pretty severe,” he said, “It wasn’t like the shadows were just frosted, it was a complete white out.”

Nyabing farmer Scott Crosby reported major damage on his cereal crops.

“It’s not going to be a fun harvest,” he said, “There was some comment that it wouldn’t be too bad because the crop is late, but not much likes -5 C regardless of the crop stage.

“What we need is rain ASAP to help reduce the damage. If it stays dry, the damage will be great.”

BOM duty forecaster Darryl Vink said another frost event was expected in the coming week.


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