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Australia: Four Seasons in one Weekend — “Summer Heat to Polar Blast”

Much of Australia is set to see four seasons of weather over the coming weekend.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the nation will be hit with heatwaves and fire danger one day, followed by snow and thunderstorms the next — with NSW likely being the worst affected.

Sydney is forecast to hit 31C at the start of the weekend, that’s 11C above average for the time of year.

“The Saturday temperature is somewhat irregular as a 30C September day happens every three to four years in Sydney,”ย explained Weatherzone Meteorologist Joel Pippard.

“But what is out of the norm is the fire danger.”

There is a total fire ban across many parts of New South Wales due to the mixture of gusty and unrelenting dry conditions.

The summer-like weather is forecast to last through early Saturday, but then itโ€™s all change.

“We’re expecting a south-westerly change at seven or eight tonight,” said Pippard, โ€œA polar blast will follow with snow falling to low levels across Tasmania and Victoria.”

Sunday temps could plummet 10C in just 30 minutes as the majority of the country quickly becomes engulfed in well-below average temperatures.

GFS Temp Anomaly Sun Sept 16

Snow is already falling in some mountainous regions.

These swings between extremes are expected to intensify as we descend further into this next Grand Solar Minimum.

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