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Aussie and Tasmanian Lamb Prices Hit Record Highs due to Drought and Shipping Delays — Shifting Weather Patterns

This week, lamb and mutton prices have surged to levels not seen before in Aussie and Tasmanian saleyards, and there’s still ALL of the winter season to get through.

It means processors still face at least another three months of extremely tough trading. Add in the disastrously dry conditions, and this period of low lamb and sheep supply can possibly be stretched out to late September.

Nick Towns, of Roberts Northern Livestock, said an underlying lack of supply was fueling the current price boom. “It’s just a lack of numbers,” he lamented. “The drought is really starting to bite and especially with the mutton, there’s just not many in the market.”

In addition to the drought, an interruption to shipping services out of Tasmania last Sunday (due to inclement weather) is forcing Aussie supermarkets and processors to buy from local stocks instead, driving prices higher still.

“There were probably 8000 to 9000 lambs that didn’t go out of Tasmania, so that left a big hole in their orders that they had to fill,” Towns said.

Global weather patterns are shifting.

The climate is returning to that of the Centennial/Gleissberg/Glassberg Minimum, the previous prolonged spell of reduced solar activity — and farmers across the world are struggling to keep up.

Unfortunately, it’s only downhill from here as this next Grand Solar Minimum cycle intensifies.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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