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Asia’s Record Cold Spell Intensifies; Colder-Than-Average April For Canada; America’s Planting Delays; + Central Europe Chills

Asia’s Record Cold Spell Intensifies

Tuesday, May 3 is proving another record-cold day across southeast Asia as Earth’s jet streams continue to be thrown out of whack by an electrical stepping down on our sun.

In South Korea, lows of -2.7C (27.1F) and 1.5C (34.7F) were noted in Taegwallyong and Chupungyeong, respectively — both new record lows for the month of May.

And along with the historically frigid day suffered in Hong Kong on May 2 (article linked above), nearby Macao also observed its coldest May temperature since 1917 on Monday with a reading of 14.9C (58.8F); while in mainland China, the sprawling port city of Guangzhou registered 13.7C (56.7F), its coldest May day in recorded history.

The cold air is now expanding south into Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and already benchmarks are falling there, too.

Sapa, Vietnam saw 8C (46.4F) on May 3, the nation’s lowest May temperature in an inhabited locale ever recorded; while in Thailand, a myriad of monthly lows have been broken, with readings plunging to just 0.5C above the national monthly low.

Pockets of anomalous cold are forecast to persist across Asia until mid-May, though the picture looks mixed. After that, another nation-spanning mass of ‘blues’, ‘pinks’ and ‘purples’ are predicted to descend May 13, engulfing a vast portion of China, and threatening additional monthly low temperature records:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 13 [].

Colder-Than-Average April For Canada

April 2022 in Canada was a cold one.

According to ECCC data, the country averaged a temperature anomaly of -0.75C below the multidecadal average last month.

It was particularly cold in the West, reports @Pat_wx on Twitter, with some regions finishing -3C below the norm:

Frosts and freezes are now persisting into May, too, spelling further bad news for Canada’s crops.

America’s Planting Delays

Planting delays south of the border are also compounding global grain shortages and sending prices higher.

Iowa, for example –America’s largest corn growing state– suffered historic lows last week, and this week isn’t looking much better:

The Grand Solar Minimum is also delaying planting across the Dakotas, too.

“The weather has been a little bit strange,” said Paul Thomas, a farmer in north-central North Dakota.

“We were looking at a really early spring. In fact, we actually had our drill hooked up, ready to sow seed [in mid-April] before the snowstorm hit … We got hit with 40 inches of snow and it sure changed the outlook for spring work,” explained Thomas.

That Easter blizzard wasn’t a one-off, either — it was chased by additional snowstorms, an incredibly rare feat for April.

“The thing about this April storm compared to some in the past is we’ve stayed so cold since we’ve had the snow,” added Thomas. “We’re going on 12 days now, and we’re still looking at major snow banks and fields that are 60% to 70% covered with snow yet.”

Water-logged and/or snow-buried fields are still common sights across North Dakota, and with the calendar now showing May, Thomas is calling it a race against time before the planting window closes: “We’ll plant corn all the way out until about May 25,” said Thomas. “That’s kind of our drop dead date, but we try and get it all in by May 10 to May 15.”

However, a frigid weather outlook for the next two to three weeks is dampening any remaining hopes.

Shifting attention west, San Diego is another example of lingering spring cold. The NWS said Monday that the last five months have been measurably cooler than the average temperatures of the past 30 years. In fact, San Diego has held cooler than average for five consecutive months now.

While across vast portions of the CONUS, the past 7-days have been dominated by record-breaking low temperatures:

However, it’s not only the late-season cold that’s hampering the efforts of North American farmers. A shortfall of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are also all-but ensuring a crippling poor harvest come September/October-time.

The prefect storm is brewing.

Take back your family’s food security.

Grow your own, and secure your wealth — inflation will soon render fiat worst than useless.

Central Europe Chills

Likewise in Central Europe, April was unusually chilly…


The landlocked nation of Austria suffered a temperature anomaly of -1.2C below the norm last month.

It was very cold in the East, slightly milder in some Western parts:



April 2022 in Switzerland was also chiller than usual.

The country had an average temperature of 4.6C, according to data from Meteo Swiss:



Late-season chills have also been prevailing in Germany; however, despite the lingering cold, Berlin swimming pools will be heated 2C less in a bid to ease the country’s record-high energy prices,

The German government recently urged citizens to cut back their energy use by turning down radiators, switching off the lights and working from home rather than driving to the office, which, aside from softening the blow of high energy prices, is also intended to help Germany wean itself off Russian oil, coal and gas. Personally, I’m struggling to see the rationale here. Building new power plants is surely the only way to break reliance on Russia. However, German authorities are somewhat hamstrung in that regard given their absurd ‘climate change’ commitments. It’s all beginning to make sense now: this ‘controlled demolition’ is bullet proof.

“Berlin’s pools have decided to heat the water a little bit less, to contribute to reducing the dependence on Russian gas supplies,” said Martina van der Wehr, a spokeswoman for the German capital’s public baths.

This is the crazy world we’re all now existing in.

Escape it while you still can.

Exit the system: grow your own food and trade your fiat for gold, silver and seeds — the true currencies of the world.

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13 Thoughts to “Asia’s Record Cold Spell Intensifies; Colder-Than-Average April For Canada; America’s Planting Delays; + Central Europe Chills”

  1. Kenneth Heck

    Meanwhile, India and Pakistan are suffering from a record heat wave.

    1. Greg in NZ

      Kenneth, with all this widespread cold & snow & freezing, you’d hope SOMEWHERE on the planet was ‘above average’ warm.

      We’ve had a glorious summer which is still lingering in May: calm, sunny, warm sunshine (with the odd downpour here & there). Viva La Niña!

  2. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    “German authorities are somewhat hamstrung in that regard given their absurd [suicidal] ‘climate change’ commitments. It’s all beginning to make sense now: this ‘controlled [eugenical] demolition’ is bullet proof.”

    Christine Anderson MEP | Europe’s Energy Crisis: “Economic Suicide”

    Gonzalo Lira on US/European “[Suicide] sanctions” war with Russia/Ukraine 28/04 – Scott Ritter
    (CRP -Gonlzalo Lira – Scott Ritter – YouTube now “shared-site” effectively – save to bookmarks)


    NATO and EU Are ‘Self-Sanctioning [Destructing]’ Into an Economic Collapse
    This expert forecast the price per barrel of oil staying at $120 “or it could go higher” for 12-18 months. Less than one month of oil, gas, metals, fertilizers and food commodities shooting up in price, on top of the raging inflation underway beforehand, has been enough to start shutting transportation, driving down agricultural yields, triggering strikes, blowing all liquidity out of the commodities markets and setting off shortages of all kinds. Bloomberg News headlined on March 18, “The World’s Biggest Commodities Markets Are Starting To Seize Up.”
    There is even a macabre Wall Street euphemism for this deep austerity: “demand destruction.” But it is the productive lives of millions in Europe, the United States and many developing countries that are being destroyed.

  3. J C

    I’ve lived in Northwest Wisconsin my whole life and knew something was wrong this past winter. We have always gotten subzero cold snaps for a week, maybe two but this year was ridiculous. From Christmas to the middle of March the morning lows were constantly below zero F. I can only remember a handful of days when it was decent. Ice off late this past week on many of the lakes is spoiling the fishing opener. Now spring has been cold, cloudy, and windy. This site provides a lot of the answers I have been wondering about backed up with stats from known historical data ice cores, NASA, NOAA which I’m surprised wasn’t redacted from public knowledge. Thank you for letting us know this vital information. When Big Tech is censoring your content you know it has them scared. Definitely looking at moving south in the near future!

  4. Matt Dalby

    One of the problems that Germany faces re energy supplies is the fact that it has shut down half of it’s nuclear reactors years or decades before the end of their useful life. IMO this was crazy and based entirely on dogma not common sense. Some people may disagree, but I’m convinced that nuclear power is safe (not absolutely 100% safe, but nothing is, but maybe 99.99% safe) and for countries such as Germany that lack natural gas deposits a vital part of any rational energy policy.
    Meanwhile in the U.K. wind and solar are generating roughly 5% of our electricity, with nearly 80% coming from gas and nuclear.

    1. Ragnar Ravn

      More people die installing solar panels every year compared to nuclear power, that as far as I know have zero yearly death.

      Solar and wind are the mega killers of birds and insects. In some of the solar parks they have people employed just to pick up the dead birds. Wind mills suck in extreme amounts of birds and insects and hacks them to pieces.

      The amount of steel, fibreglass and concrete takes to build them is staggering and their useful life limited and they still call them renewable and co2 free energy.

      On the positive point, they increase the cost of energy for the ordinary citizens, leaving them less for consumption which is obviously the point of the whole co2 scam.

      Nuclear energy is too reliable and too cheap and works against a deindustrialised Germany the same way cheap Russian natural gas and oil does.

      TPTB has accelerated the pace to reach their 2030 goals and most are oblivious to the end result. They hit on all the obstacles cheap food, energy and freedom. Next is the economic meltdown and states and individuals. None of them can handle increased interest rates and decreasing values.

      Pump real estate prices and sovereign debt with low rates and then crash the market with higher rates, because of inflation and then voila, recession and later deflation when everybody is trapped.

      ESG also plays the perfect role in this by not funding exploration of new fossil fuels sources and other vital raw materials.

      Lockdown that killed mom/pop shop and delivered the markets to Amazon et al.

      This is like seeing a military operation in full action. Truly a ruthless war on the old order and the confused and baffled populations.

      I read Machiavelli’s “The prince” and am sure TPTB knows it by heart. Be ruthless and use all available means. Lie, cheat, steal, as long as the goals are reached, the means are justified.

  5. Documenting the Gallows Humour...

    … during the COUNTDOWN in the Convid, Pedos, Famine ‘n Nukes Era Mega-Democide… for posterity, eh?

    Situation Update, May 2, 2022 – COUNTDOWN timetable to Russian retaliation with NUKES or EMP

    Been Caught Stealing

    Hitler Rants about Disney’s Grooming


    In Praise of Gallows Humour [in the Convid, Pedos, Famine ‘n Nukes Era Mega-Democide]
    Sick jokes can be healthy.

    1. Deb

      I agree. Humor is one of my foremost coping mechanisms. Good article!

  6. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Pfizer World News – Act/Move Fast… trust Pfizer Science/Objectives

    Pfizer, Inc. TV Spot, ‘Move Fast: Oral [soft kill] Treatment’

    Pfizer, Inc. TV Spot, ‘Move Fast [soft kill] Treatment’ explained by Erica Khan on Jeff Rense

    Steve Kirsch – May 2
    Pfizer is running TV ads recommending people take [Act/Move Fast on oral] ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and fluvoxamine [and paxlovid] pill(s) if they get COVID

    The new [CDC] rules of medicine – Apr 30 – Steve Kirsch
    In case you didn’t get the memo.

    1. Chris Norman

      Very interesting CNA, thanks for the link.

      1. TheMronz

        Yes indeed very interesting.
        These mechanisms are confirmed by the fact that the claimed greenhouse effects of anthropogenic CO2 have never been adequately replicated in the lab and that there appears to be a saturation feature whereby adding more CO2 has progressively less influence on temperatures.
        It then follows that real world observation should show that historically global temperature is the precursor to CO2 content not vice versa, which of course it does.

    2. Li'l Cap'n Kids

      CO2 is a gas… not glass.

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