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Arizona’s Record-Breaking Cold and Snowy Winter

Bitter Arctic air and a string of cold-weather storms tore across Arizona this winter setting records as they went, with heavy snowfall in the high country and significant rain in the desert.

On February 21, Flagstaff saw a new single-day snowfall record tumble.

A whopping 35.9 inches of powder fell at the airport, smashing the city’s previous mark of 31 inches set in 1915 (solar minimum of cycle 14 — the previous comparable cycle to the one we’ve just exited, cycle 24).

To date, Flagstaff has recorded 115 inches since October 1, which already places this winter season 13th in records dating all the way back to 1898.

“Winter here in Phoenix was the second coldest that we have had since 1980, and the coldest that we had since 1997-98,” said Larry Hopper with the National Weather Service.

Hopper calls this winter one for the books.

Global Average temperatures are continuing to fall.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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