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Argentina’s Coldest June In 20 Years; Antarctica Plunges Below -80C (-112F); + Winter Damage Strips Niagara Vineyards

Argentina’s Coldest June In 20 Years

Argentina’s official Meteorological Service has tallied the nation’s temperatures for June — and they’ve come out frosty.

Cold wave after cold wave has been sweeping South America in recent weeks, as a ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow continues to kick Antarctic chills northwards.

The first cold wave struck Argentina at the end of May and persisted into first days of June, reports diarionorte.com — anomalous readings were noted up and down the country, with frog noted in Buenos Aires and south of the Litoral.

By mid-June, another shot of polar cold had invaded southern Patagonia. The Antarctic air mass then gradually moved from south to north, breaking records as it traversed the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro and Neuquén.

The wave reached the province of Buenos Aires and the central region of Córdoba by June 21.

For the country as a whole, the National Meteorological Service confirms this was Argentina’s coldest June in twenty years.

The previous month, May 2022, also finished colder than average, with some northern locales suffering -3C below the multidecadal norm — this chilly month of May capped what was Argentina’s coldest Autumn (March-April-May) since 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 20). It was also the fifth coldest Fall in the historical series, also bested by 1971, 1968 and 1965:

June 2022 was also an exceptionally dry month, continues the Meteorological Service report, with large areas receiving no rain at all — it was one of the driest Junes the historical record, along with 2009, 2007, 1988, 1962.

The dry-streak ended for many locales as the calendar flipped to July, however, with heavy snow noted in the provinces of Neuquén and Rio Negro–to name just two:

Antarctica Plunges Below -80C (-112F)

South America’s polar outbreaks have no doubt been intensified by an exceptionally frigid Antarctica. The entire continent has been holding unusually cold over the past 18+ months, with the freeze only appearing to intensify.

The first -80C (-112F) of 2022 was registered July 8, globally, at the French-Italian Antarctic base ‘Concordia’.

The mercury dropped to -80.3C last Friday, marking the first sub -80C reading since 2019.

Also worth noting, in just 53 hours the station dropped more than 40C.

This continues the cooling trend witnessed at ‘the bottom of the world’ over the past year and a half+.

As previously documented on Electroverse, between April and September 2021, the South Pole’s temperature averaged a just -61.1C (-78F). Simply put, this was the locale’s coldest six month spell ever recorded, one that comfortably usurped the South Pole’s previous coldest ‘coreless winter‘ on record, the -60.6C (-77F) from 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

Also worth noting, the months of June, July, August and September (2021) all averaged readings below -60C (-76F) — a phenomenon has occurred on just three previous occasions: in 1971, 1975 and 1978.

More than all that, though, the entire year of 2021 (not just the winter) was also a record-breaker: The South Pole averaged just -50.5C (59F) throughout 2021, making it the continent’s coldest year since 1987 (solar minimum of cycle 21) and also the third coldest on record in weather books dating back to 1957.

The cold has continued into 2022, too, with the continent’s temperature holding below the 1979-2000 ‘base’ used by the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.

Today’s anomaly of -2.6C (shown below) is actually on the warmer end of what we’ve seen in recent months — the continent has regularly held -5C below the multidecadal norm since the end of March, dipping as low as 8.6C below.

Winter Damage Strips Niagara Vineyards

The loss rate for grape vine crops in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada usually stands at 10 to 15 percent. This year, however, damage of 50 percent is being recorded across the board.

A frigid Canadian winter has led to the worst damage in at least 17 years, with early estimates measuring around 50 percent of grape vines damaged, reports cbc.ca.

“We are seeing some warm and milder winters in the past but we also see the extreme colder weather events, extreme weather events,” said Chair of Grape Growers of Ontario Matthias Oppenlaender. “We don’t know what happens from one week to the next week,” he continued, perfectly describing the impacts of that weak and wavy ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow.

Damage in vineyards happens when the bud of a plant freezes to an extreme either in winter or spring. 

“There’s a main [bud] but there’s a secondary and tertiary, but when it gets too cold, then these buds freeze, they die. And obviously, the vine doesn’t bud out in the springtime.”

The loss rate for crops is usually 10 to 15 percent, said Oppenlaender, and the last time a significant loss like this happened was 2005.

“We were surprised,” he continued. “We knew that there were cold temperatures, we expected a certain amount of damage, but we didn’t expect to [this] extent. We’re still trying to get a handle on this. It makes everything more difficult in the vineyard.”

Oppenlaender has been growing grapes for almost 40 years. He said the effects of these losses can be devastating. There’s extra labor required to try and recover the vines where possible, and there’s also a high demand for material needed for this process. 

“Depending on the extent of the damage, it takes us a couple of years to come back to a full crop and that’s providing that Mother Nature will be kind to us over the next couple of winters.”


Today’s article is a relatively short one.

I spent three hours of my morning helping my nearest neighbor pull a 300-foot water pipe out of a borehole — I am now dead.

Local community is essential in these times we’re headed into. Tackling a societal collapse on your own is not advisable, it’s actually almost impossible–particularly if you’re prepping for a young family, too.

Building connections with similar-minded neighbors is key.

Setting up a simple, mutually-beneficial bartering system free from fiat is also wise. For my efforts this morning, I earned a few solar panels — panels that will power my two freezers in which our processed chickens will be housed.

Small autonomous communities is what’s needed.

Reject all forms of centralized power.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

Social Media channels are restricting Electroverse’s reach: Twitter are purging followers, while Facebook are labeling posts as “false” and have slapped-on crippling page restrictions. And most recently, the CCDH has stripped the website of its ability to advertise with Google.

So, be sure to subscribe to receive new post notifications by email. And also consider becoming a Patron or donating via Paypal (buttons located in the sidebar >>> or scroll down if on mobile). The site receives ZERO funding, and never has.

Any way you can, help me spread the message so others can survive and thrive in the coming times.

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17 Thoughts to “Argentina’s Coldest June In 20 Years; Antarctica Plunges Below -80C (-112F); + Winter Damage Strips Niagara Vineyards”

  1. Anonymous

    Who would have thought that the solution to global warming would be in Antartica with temperatures at -80 C. The freezing point for carbon dioxide is -78.5 oC (-109.3 oF) where it forms carbon dioxide snow or dry ice.

    Yea! We are saved! No more carbon taxes


    ive been trying to form a grand solar minimum preparation group in my town,burton on trent,uk but to no avail..i even put a large banner up but someone photo shopped the wording on it and put it on social mainstream media ridiculing it..i believe it was a group on facebook calling themselves ‘burton on truth’ …you just wonder sometimes what goes on in their heads? here’s what they put https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=2782686455341347&set=pb.100008000588374.-2207520000..

  3. Dallas Schneider

    “Argentina’s coldest June in twenty years”
    That corresponds roughly with the Jan 2010 Florida Freeze
    that killed 1,000,000 plus fish in the Everglades.
    That was the winter after a solar cycle low of 2 periods of
    30+ days without sunspots, one in the fall of 2008, and the summer
    of 2009!
    So has the downtrend in cold weather hit a bottom yet?
    Will the next tw0 winters be just as cold as this last winter?
    Stand By!!!

  4. Ron

    You have made a fortunate decision as to where to live & to live near like minded people is critical. My wife & I live in the southern Sierra’s of California. The dry winters are now becoming a normal pattern, unfortunately. The well is going dry on a property I manage. A new one will be drilled in 6 weeks. My wife & I feel that America is now a dying culture with its illegal Marxist government in place. This next winter will also by dry. At least we have a new 3 year old well. We live 45 minutes from Bakersfield which years ago had maybe a shooting or stabbing once a week. Now, multiply shootings & stabbings every nite. We have even had 4 house/ ranch break ins within 4 years along our little used road which resulted in 1 death. Us cattle ranchers are not lacking in guns . People exist in a state of sleep to not be able to see what is happening in the world & in their own communities.

    1. Deb

      Where do you find these “like-minded people” I keep hearing about. I don’t know anyone I could trust not to turn on me if the food gets short or the gov’t gets oppressive.

      1. Deb

        Except my kids.

      2. Buffalo Bill

        We’re comin’ for the kids too… don’t you worry or angst your little mind none. Kids is tender.

  5. Rikki

    Solar panels alone will not help much, a good battery bank and an MPPT to pair up with the panels should be the way to go. What kind of batteries are you using? I recently got some LiFePo4 batteries which are doing great so far. You’re right about forming a community that will help each other out rather than doing it alone.

  6. Donna K. Becker

    I assume that by “frog” you meant freezing fog. It occurs here in Central Oregon once or twice each winter.

  7. Ranch Ghost

    The Dog Days of Summer
    “Dog Days are approaching; you must, therefore, make both hay and haste while the Sun shines, for when old Sirius takes command of the weather, he is such an unsteady, crazy dog, there is no dependence upon him.”
    –The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1817

    We’re coming into the “Dog Days” of 2022 also solar cycle 25 for the next couple of months/years so make “hayste” while we still can.

    Why is the average southern hemisphere [not the relatively small land masses of Antarctica, S.A., AUS (compared to SH ocean mass in winter] warmer than the northern? [… this current Antarctic/S.A. “winter”ain’t turning out to be too “warm”… so what can we conclude for this coming winter land mass temps as we enter the NH dog days w/ wavy jet streams during solar cycle 25?]
    Astronomy Our Solar System The Earth – 1 Answer – Phillip E. Jan 27, 2016
    The southern hemisphere is warmer than the northern hemisphere because more of its surface area is water.
    Water has a high specific heat capacity so it loses heat slowly. Most of the area of the southern hemisphere is ocean. The oceans warm up in the summer and retain heat during the winter.
    The northern hemisphere has much more land mass which loses its heat quickly. This is demonstrated by the continental effect where the central regions of the northern continents have very cold winters.
    The Earth is at perihelion around 3 January and at aphelion around 3 July. The heat retained in the southern hemisphere oceans makes the average temperature of the Earth a few degrees higher in July when Earth is furthest from the Sun than it is in January when it is its closest.


    When will the criminals be arrested? [Patience]
    When will the arrests of the criminals who terrorize mankind finally begin? Why is there no visible action yet from the white hats in the military? Why is everything taking so long? When will we finally see some real victory?
    It is important to understand the nature of the current war, lest we suffer from unnecessary frustration and disappointment. First of all: arresting a few public puppets is useless. It’s like locking up a low level drug-dealer, while leaving the ringleaders untouched. Guys like Gates and Fauci can easily be replaced by the cabal, if they were to be jailed. It is more effective to let them display their evil to the whole world, so a much greater deliverance can be accomplished in the long run.
    A military officer recently told me something that can help us:
    “Most people don’t understand military operations. They have no patience and want everything to happen right away. They don’t know what it is to fight, keep fighting, never give up, adapt your strategy to changing circumstances, and continually push ahead until the victory is achieved.”
    We really need to grow our character and shift from being lazy consumers who demand instant gratification, to becoming mature adults who understand that humanity is undergoing its greatest transformation of all time. We are living in truly historic days. Enjoy watching but not participating in the greatest “outdoor idiocracy clown show on earth” while we still can.

    … there’s a lotta killin’ ‘n dying comin’ ww and us cowboys in the know just don’t wanna get “bucked off” too early, eh?

  8. John Galt

    The vast majority of people are literally under a hypnotic spell created by the mass media, newspapers, especially TV. They can no longer think. It’s like other cultures…what happened in the totalitarian regimes where dissenters were shot. I don’t want to be doom and gloom, but for the US, the steps are here. And the people are too strung out on drugs for anxiety to notice anything.

  9. Al

    A comment on Antartica…if this earth is a globe and the tilt they say is a perfect cycle from summer to winter, the the cold and ice would be equal at both poles. So why is Antartica much bigger and colder?…if this earth is spinning at 700km or so an hour, it is only possible if we are encapsulated like flying in an aeroplane protect you form harm outside. The probability is we do not spin on this earth and in fact the sun and moon revolve dialy around us. Lies upon lies over our lives have destroyed any faith or belief in governments or so called scientists. This is why the covid fraud is here…to usher in the total control system as the masses slowly wake up.
    Have to admire Cap and family for their bold and strong life away from the beast system.

  10. Ice Age Bioelectric Technocracy Control-Eugenics Now.info

    Ricardo Delgado – VACCINES, GRAPHENE Oxide, NANOTECH and 5G
    (most important – ne plus ultra – most important )

    Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Foods [and Essentials} – Mercola
    Prepare for unavoidable food inflation, shortages and famine by stocking up on nutritious shelf-stable foods. A list of suggestions is included

    Dr. Vernon Coleman [Herr Doktor Vorausschauend]- We have 8 months [of “relative” freedom left [forecast in Apr.2022…and it’s mid July now so giddyup]. The Great Rest is almost Complete!

    Ready for the BIG KILL – Dr Vernon Coleman – 11 Jul 2022 (8 hrs ago)

  11. Bert

    You are doing a good work.
    Myself, I got into this via Iben Browning. We used to take his newsletters – – way back when. His anti-Co2 is a danger – mindset got him in trouble also. Amazing how much power the press and politicians have – – promoting their lies. I think I still have one of his books. Climate and the Affairs of man.
    Ah well. Keep up the good work, as you can.

    1. Ballistic Logos

      You might not be able to fight back easily in the world of CBDCs, but there is one nondigital, nonhackable, nontraceable form of money you can still use.

      It’s called gold… er… sardines, cows, fuel, oats, canned beets and other heavy metal(s) like hot lead… for making batteries etc.

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