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Arctic Chill Means an Early Autumn For UK — Grand Solar Minimum

That’s probably it for summer in the UK as a chilly northerly wind plunges temperatures to as low as 8C below average, bringing frosts to sheltered northern areas, according to the Met Office.

“A cold front situated over northern England and Wales will continue to sink south-eastwards followed by another cold front with a cooler and fresher north-westerly airflow behind,” said a spokesperson for The Weather Channel.

“From Friday, temperatures will fall far below normal for the time of year.”

So… when are we all burning up then?

Those headlines during the height of the ‘regional’ summer heatwave were pretty darn compelling.

I purchased property in the Scottish Highlands.

GFS Temp Anomaly Forecast for Aug 24 2018

But the truth we’re fed is obfuscated, if you didn’t know.

The reality of our future, as the Grand Solar Minimum rolls in, is shorter, unpredictable growing seasons.

Historical documentation shows us time and time again — during prolonged spells of solar decline, summers are cut shorter and shorter by ever encroaching autumns/winters.

Bursts of blistering heat often punctuate the summer months but the overall season is cut short by weeks, and the general trend is for cooler temperatures.

The jet stream’s switch to a more meridional flow wreaks havoc with our global food production. It locks extreme weather patterns over regions for extended periods of time — which is exactly what happened in the UK at the beginning of 2018 when a Siberian cold front dropped temps to -17C, and then again in the summer when a blocked high pressure resulted in the UK’s hottest summer since records began.

Global cooling means exactly that, in the long term, but convincing friends and family to invest in woolly hats and rocket stoves when it’s a balmy 36C outside is a hard sell. Been there.

My advice is go quote them some historical documentation.

You needn’t even go back that far.

Solar Cycles www.electroverse.net

Take the mid 1970s, during the solar minimum after the relatively weak cycle 20.

In the UK, 1976 saw the hottest June/July/August on record (until 2018). And it happened smack bang in the middle of a solar minimum, and directly after a weak solar cycle to boot.

Furthermore, when convincing loved one’s of the imminent fall of civilisation, point out the brutally cold winters that followed from 1976-1979 — the ones my parents go on about — with severe blizzards and 15ft snow drifts!

Go further back, to the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830) and the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) and the correlation between sunspots and average global temperatures.


Add in a volcanic uptick due to an influx of galactic cosmic rays and the additional cooling effect ejected particulates have — mention Mount Tambora’s eruption in 1815 (in the middle of the Dalton Minimum) that resulted in ‘the year without a summer’ in 1816 and major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.


But if you’re family still aren’t convinced, and their heads remain firmly clouded by the modern myth of immortality, then prepare without them, in secret if you have to, but make sure to have the best “I fucking told you so” face ready to go.

Good luck.


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