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April Nor’Easter Drops More Than A Foot Of Snow As Record-Flurries and Freezes Threaten North America’s Crops

An April nor’easter has dropped a foot and a half of snow on parts of New York and Pennsylvania, leading to more than 300,000 customers losing power Tuesday morning (with 160,000 still without as of early Wednesday morning, according to

The most snow –18 inches– fell in New York’s southern Cortland County town of Virgil; in second place, with 16.3 inches, was another Central New York spot: the village of Erieville, in Madison County; Piseco, in upstate New York, had received 14 inches by Tuesday morning, with snow still coming down; while Broome County to the south saw a foot and implemented a travel ban — all record totals for the time of year.

In Syracuse, the rapid snowfall –falling at a rate of 1 to 2 inches an hour– prompted numerous school and business closures.

In total, some 40 million Americans were under frost and freeze alerts Tuesday morning stretching from the central Plains to the mid-Atlantic as historically low solar activity continues to weaken the jet stream, reverting its usual tight ZONAL flow to a wavy MERIDIONAL one:

Temperatures 20C below the average are making it feel more like winter than late-April; and looking ahead, the freeze is expected to persist: An “abnormally chilly air-mass” in the east will remain through the week, said the NWS, meaning that further low temperature records are under threat across swathes of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C)April 20 – April 26 [].

Likewise north of the border, historic late-season freezes and snowfalls are prevailing in Canada, too.

This week’s flurries have been one for the record books in London, Ontario.

Monday saw an astonishing 9cm (3.5 inches) of snow settle across the London region, busting the previous benchmark of 7.9cm (3.1 inches) set back in 1947, according to Environment Canada (ECCC).

“Given that it’s the record, I’d say it’s unusual to get (that much),” said –Captain Obvious– Gerald Chang, a meteorologist with the federal weather agency. The snow also prompted ECCC to issue a weather advisory as roads quickly became treacherous.

The area is forecast more snow in the coming weeks: “It’s not a good time to completely put away the shovels,” said Chang.

In fact, looking at the latest GFS run (shown below), this weekend is currently on course to deliver a truly exceptional late-April snowstorm to parts of Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota, and up into southern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, too.

A pair of storms will also reach Northern California this week, delivering heavy April snow to the Sierra Nevada mountains Wednesday through Friday. A winter weather advisory is already in place for the greater Lake Tahoe area, warning that 7 inches of could fall across the area’s higher elevations. While chain controls were in place Tuesday on Interstate 80 at summit level.

The Sierra saw heavy snow last week, too, boosting California’s drought conditions after what was a dry January through March. The UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab said it measured 39 inches last week alone — a historic amount for mid-April. All this April snow also neatly ‘book-ends’ the season after the state suffered its snowiest December in recorded history at the open — 202 inches accumulated in Dec 2021, breaking the prior all-time record of 179 inches set in Dec 1970.

Eyeing the GFS run below, significant snow is also on the cards for northern Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland–even as the calendar flips to May, while Greenland can also expect a healthy spring dumping.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 20 – May 6 [].

Snow this April has already slain hundreds of record across North America.

Enough accumulated at Bogus Basin Mountain, Idaho –for example– that the resort reopened its slopes on Saturday. After a record-snowy December and January, but a relatively snow-less February and March, Bogus Basin’s topsy-turvy season –similar to California’s– dealt another surprise last week after a mid-April blizzard dropped 4+ feet of snow across the Northern Plains.

“…with more snowfall in the last 72 hours than we saw all of February and March (20″+) and more on the way, this is a moment that we can’t pass up!” managers at the Idaho resort wrote on Facebook. The mountain received more than 38 inches of snow by Saturday, and was able to open three lifts.

In neighboring WA, April’s record-breaking chill has reportedly put many Washington farmers on edge as subfreezing temperatures this past week hit orchards, vineyards and fields: “We are definitely concerned and nervous,” said Sean Gilbert, a fruit grower in the Yakima Valley.

This comes after the news that U.S. grain farmers are suffering planting delays which is driving the price of corn to near record highs (spurred also by lower than expected output in Brazil and the Ukraine). Frigid weather is to blame for the delays, reports As of Sunday, U.S. corn planting was barely 4% complete –below the five-year average of 6%– and with further delays expected given the persistence of the spring freeze, the situation is only forecast to worsen. Wheat is also in bad shape, according to the USDA, with the agency recently rating 30% of U.S. winter wheat in good-to-excellent condition — a 26-year low.

And headed back above the border, cherry farmers in British Columbia are also struggling, with some using helicopters to force warm air over their trees as unseasonably cool temperatures threaten this year’s crop, reports

“There were quite a number of temperature records broken across the province,” said ECCC meteorologist Dave Wray — a reality that is proving problematic for Sukhpaul Bal, president of the B.C. Cherry Growers Association: “Buds are starting to open up and blossoms are not too far down the road,” said Bal. “Around this time of year, we don’t like to see too much cold weather.”

Bal said he is grateful that B.C. cherry orchards haven’t suffered heavy snow like in some parts of the United States. But still, Canadian cherry farmers and other fruit growers have endured much recently, as the Grand Solar Minimum continues to intensify the swing between extremes in our planet’s weather patterns.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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16 Thoughts to “April Nor’Easter Drops More Than A Foot Of Snow As Record-Flurries and Freezes Threaten North America’s Crops”

  1. Juha

    My favourite flower farmer in upstate NY got almost 10 inches of global warming goodness this week.

    You can really feel Nicoles angst after this unprecedented snowfall

    But she is a survivor and some snow will not turn her down. Just keep on planting!

  2. Michael Peinsipp

    I live in South Central KY and I am waiting till it gets warm enuf to plant Tomato’s and Green Peppers. Our Cauliflower is doing great (it like cool temps) but maters NO!!!
    Taters in this week and … WE NEED WARMTH!
    Anybody know what crops LIKE cool temps?
    Help please.

      1. Deb

        Do what you can. When you reach the end of that, God will help with the rest–if you ask Him to.

    1. Robert C

      Kale does great with cold, can freeze and thaw no problem. In KY should go year round.

  3. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Stunning Shanghai Graphic Shows How China Is [Selectively] Destroying Supply Chains Without Firing A Shot While The Media Keeps The Attention On Russia And Ukraine
    China’s zero-COVID lockdowns severely impact global supply chains… coincidentally China is currently working with exactly ‘666’ companies to ensure that (((they))) eugenically survive this…

    Evidence That US Government Selectively Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine

    … ongoing and recent [666 6uild 6ack 6etter] signals regularly sent out to confirm that the eugenical (ww selective cull) globalists are still right on track… gettin’ ‘er dun… trust the science… it’s for the greater good… just remember to stay well aware of where the edge of “oblivion canyon” starts.

    1. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

      Ephemeral Beautiful Sunspot Complex AR2993-94 [holes many times the diameter of the earth] fluctuating like Spanish Dancers eating Tube Anemones – Streamed live on Apr 19, 2022

  4. Ragnar Ravn

    Thank you for the update on the progressing GSM. I have put (some) my money where my mouth is, in more than one way and invested in ETF that trades corn,wheat, and so on. Even with a little gearing and it’s kind of a moral dilemma making profit on food that seems to get so much more expensive, when you accoun for the increasing fertiliser, pesticides, seed, diesel and machinery prices.

    I don’t have the space to prep and store large amounts of food so it was one way to get a little insurance to the coming price hikes. It is terrible to see how this catastrophe in the making is done on purpose to save profligate states with to much debt and no way to repay it. EU has gone the mediterrranean way and not the German when it comes to money and spending.

    TPTB really wants to crush the old world and do the Great Reset and smother us in the great narrative they are talking so much about.

    Meat and poultry will go to the moon next year and like the Ukraine war it was the easiest war and famine to avoid, had the will been present.

    It’s painful to live through these times being fully aware of the crimes being done in the name of stupidity when they obviously is anything but. Evil does what evil does

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

      Soft kill GMO/glyphosate ethanol corn is likely being repurposed for the “Perfect Soviety”.

      Starting next week, EU will impose full embargo on Russian oil, sending prices above $185 a barrel: JPMorgan

      … and just two years ago to the day literally:
      NUSADAILY.COM-NEW YORK – For the first time in history US crude oil futures have fallen below zero US dollars. The minus price happened at the end of trading Monday, April 20, 2020 (Tuesday morning WIB).
      First in History, Minus Oil Price of (-40 US Dollars)

      … in a world that uses about 100 MM BBL/D… a potential $225/BBL differential and that’s if oil only goes to $185… nobody could have possibly “Event 201’d” that perfect oil price plandemic, eh? Perfect Society

      Perfect Society

    2. Peter

      Exactly right Ragnar,well said.
      Except the German way has been to destroy their energy systems by making their chancellor an east German Marxist nutter woman..

  5. Brendan Mallon

    Excellent update Cap. Keep up the good work. Happy Patreon.

  6. Baba Looey

    CRP – hope it was quick… but don’t expect so… Gonzalo Lira often indicated these past weeks that this likely “precise end” could be expected… for good reason… he liked revealing/explaining truth, he displayed wit and sincerity while also being afraid but he had the guts to do what he did anyway. William Wallace: “Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives” [Gonzalo is one of a dozen or so high profile sentient sentinels that I came to “know” semi-well over these past 15+ years that have likely “left the building” in just the span of this past year. Stay well Cap’n Quixote.

  7. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Mervyn Hobden
    January 3, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    As the American scientist. Y.H.Ku remarked, many years ago, ‘Nature is non-linear, even the pendulum of Galileo is controlled by a second order, non-linear differential equation.’ If we cannot even exactly quantify the motion of a pendulum using linear algebra, why do we persist in the belief that we can use it to quantify the long term performance of a highly non-linear system like climate?

    … because the preserved ice records [and glacial deposits/erratic(s) and paintings/docs above] of empirical repetitive cyclic mini/maxi ice ages along with the weather track record(s) during the 24 previous solar cycles relative to the most recent mini ice ages is likely why we’ve become Ice Age Suspicious Electroverse 0bservers. Much like the punchline that reads, “Pretty soon we’ll [eventually] be close enough again [like right here, right now] for all practical purposes [to prepare and make ready].”

    Liberty Brothers Archive – Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers

    Mervyn Hobden permalink
    June 28, 2019 11:45 pm

    Up until 5 years ago, the key tapping climate modellers were blissfully unawares of the full influence of the jet stream on both climate and and weather. Both are non-linear and therefore the assumption of normally distributed events is inapplicable. A power law clustering leads to spikes in distribution frequency which has nothing to do with linear change. So the use of previous records to falsely claim correlation to a ‘trend’ is poor science.

    Mervyn K. Hobden | IEEE Xplore Author Details › author › 37086327635
    Biography Mervyn K. Hobden joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice, in August 1961, and spent 3 years at No. 1 Radio School, RAF Locking. He left the RAF in 1975, and after 2 years at the Chronometer Section, Royal Greenwich Observatory, joined the staff of Marconi Avionics, where he…

  8. Bruce Kane

    Still with out power here in rural NE Pa due to snow storm on Mon. Generator and woodstove. Can not know the future but you can prepare.

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