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Antarctica Nears Low Temperature Record For April; Easter Felt Like Winter Across Much Of North America; South America’s Frigid March; + Threat Of X-Flares This Week

Antarctica Nears Low Temperature Record For April

Despite mainstream obfuscations and outright lies, Antarctica has been holding exceptionally cold over the past 12-or-so months — the continent actually suffered its coldest ‘coreless winter’ (April-Sept) in recorded history in 2021.

And now 2022 has started in a similarly frigid fashion: Antarctica logged its first sub -70C (-94F) of the season on April 3, at Vostok, but this has just been eclipsed by the French-Italian Antarctic Station Concordia which registered a low of -79.3C (-111F) on April 16 — and to put that reading into context, -79.3C is just 2.5C off the planet’s coldest April temperature ever recorded.

TPTB and their MSM lapdogs can disinform the compliant masses all they want, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Inconveniently for the AGW Party, ever since that entirely natural atmospheric river event of March 18 temperatures across Antarctica have been holding BELOW the 1979-2000 average, according to data from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.

Today, on Monday, April 18, the anomaly stands at -2.6C:

In line with the persistent freeze of the past few years, the Antarctic ice sheet has been EXPANDING.

This recent uptick also continues the trend of growth witnessed over the past 4+ decades (the satellite era). Sea ice at the South Pole rebounded sharply in 2020 and 2021, to the levels of some 3-decades ago — this rebound is visualized in the chart below, as is the multidecadal expansion which stands at approximately 1% per decade.

Official data also reveals that East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the South Pole, has cooled 2.8C over the past 40-odd years, with West Antarctica cooling 1.6C. It stands that only a tiny slither of Antarctica (the Antarctic Peninsula) has seen any warming –statistically insignificant warming, at that– but there are no prizes for guessing which region the MSM focuses on.

For more on that, click the link below:

Easter Felt Like Winter Across Much Of North America

Swathes of both Canada and the United States suffered record low temperatures and rare April snowfall over the weekend.

Over the past 24-hours alone, cold records have been tumbling from Washington State to New England; from northern Texas to the Canadian Prairies. In fact, the Canadian Prairies just neared its all-time record-cold benchmark for mid-April — an exceptional -20C (-4F) was registered at Carman, with a similarly anomalous -13.7C (7.3F) noted in Winnipeg.

And below the border, a record -1F (-18.3C) in Idaho is one of the standouts, although hundreds of low temperature records have been slain across the states over the past few days, cold that is set to spill into the new week:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Mon, April 18 [].

And here are the expected snowfall totals from now to May 4:

GFS Total snowfall (inches) April 18 – May 4 [].

South America’s Frigid March

As discussed on Friday, South America suffered a historically cold winter of 2021. Record freeze after record freeze decimated crop yields, particularly Brazilian corn, and now this year is shaping up to be depressingly similar, too.

March 2022 in Uruguay was much colder than average.

Temperature anomalies ranged from -1C below the 1981-2010 average in the east, to -3C in the northwest.


Likewise in Bolivia, temperatures held below normal in March, aided by a punishing cold front at the end of the month which smashed low temperature records across many Amazon regions, including key growing areas.

A reduction in South American grain exports would have sweeping consequences. The continent is a major exporter on a global scale and this time of year is crucial for the markets — according to analysts, “the second quarter of the year is the time when the bulk of soybeans and corn are harvested.”

During April, May and June last year, this key quarter was plagued by historic freezes which decimated crops in not only key exporters like Argentina and Brazil, but also in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay. The cold persisted throughout the entire season, too, and resulted in shortages and inflated prices across the continent.

Looking to this year’s key harvest window, farmer’s have been warned to brace for something similar, only with the added issues of 1) crippling energy shortages (see link below), and 2) spiraling fertilizer costs. Also unlike last year, a gap in the global grain supply created by South America won’t be as easily plugged by the global market. The U.S., for example, is off to a very slow start to its planting season, and we know about the delays and right-offs happening across The Ukraine–the breadbasket of Europe.

Threat Of X-Flares This Week

While the sun’s historically low output is expected -by the majority of forecasts- to persist through Solar Cycle 25 (and beyond), the ramp-up to solar maxima can still be a highly active time.

There is currently a very active sunspot complex ‘AR2993-94’ turning around the limb of the sun:

The region has already unleashed an X1-flare, on April 17…

…but as Dr Tony Phillips of contends, “[this] may be just the beginning”.

NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft is monitoring another potentially large active region right behind it (shown below).

Stay tuned for more sunspots emerging over the sun’s northeastern limb later today or tomorrow, concludes Dr Phillips.

Why is this newsworthy?

Given our planet’s ever-waning magnetic field –due to its migrating magnetic poles, among other forcings– outbursts from the sun are having a greater and greater impact here on the ground. Field strength is the biggest threat to our modern tech-driven civilization. Earth’s magnetosphere protects us from bombardments of cosmic radiation. It stands that if a big enough plasma discharge were to occur –or if Earth had a weak enough shield– it would lead to a total failure of the global electrical grid.

Earth’s magnetic field is weaker than we’ve all realized.

In the year 2000 we knew the field had lost 10 percent of its strength since the 1800s.

Another 5 percent was lost by 2010.

Further accelerations occurred in recent years, 2015 and 2017, but we laymen were not privy to any additional loss data.

The sun’s ramp-up into Solar Cycle 25 occurring simultaneously with Earth’s drastically reducing magnetic field is the biggest threat we humans have faced in hundreds, potentially thousands of years, given how completely and utterly technologically-dependent we have all become.

I would be willing to bet that 90% of the western population would fail miserably at growing their own food, which in any prolonged disaster scenario would see them perish, or at best render them completely dependent on state rationing.

That destructive X9+ flaring event (that ‘killshot’) will come soon enough, and when it hits we’ll be on our own: No more grocery stores; no more pharmacies; and, God forbid, no more ‘how-tos’ on YouTube. This apocalyptic scenario has around a 50% chance of playing out by the peak of solar cycle SC25 (so by 2024/25). But the message is get prepared, not scared. This event, like a Grand Solar Minimum, is entirely survivable. It could even free us from the increasingly Totalitarian nightmare we’re all existing in: Their Central Bank Digital Currency can’t function without an electrical grid, and neither can their Identification apps/chips.

Head off-grid now. Grow your own food now. Because I’m willing to bet that your first few years will end in failure, as mine did, and the stress of trial and error during an actual disaster is far from desirable: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

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12 Thoughts to “Antarctica Nears Low Temperature Record For April; Easter Felt Like Winter Across Much Of North America; South America’s Frigid March; + Threat Of X-Flares This Week”

  1. I published in 2019:
    “Ethanol is a bad fuel…grow food crops…”
    … in general, biofuels are uneconomic and environmentally destructive – all over the world.

    I was CEO of an oil-and-gas company and “inherited” a corn ethanol plant in Wyoming, complete with huge federal and state subsidies – and it still only broke-even.

    Excess irrigation withdrawals for corn ethanol also cause extreme drawdown of the vital Ogalalla aquifer, a very serious problem for the USA and the world.

    How does the USA make a sensible change from the current corn ethanol debacle, without causing legislative and market carnage?

    Situation Analysis:
    1. Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant – more CO2 is better for humanity and the environment.
    2. The next natural climate cycle will be moderate global cooling, starting anytime now (as we predicted in 2002).
    3. Moderate global cooling will cause more frequent grain crop failures and food shortages, as experienced in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
    4. Fully ~40% of the huge USA corn crop is processed to produce corn ethanol.

    Proposal – Draft 0:
    a. Eliminate all fuel ethanol mandates and subsidies over 3-5 years.
    b. Ensure there is adequate secure grain storage facilities for approx. one year of production, perhaps more.
    c. Shift most current corn-for-ethanol production to food grains that require less water.
    d. Take steps to prevent commodity price crashes due to possible over-production:
    – for example, have the US government purchase excess food production and distribute it to starving nations, in containers marked “Gift of the USA”. This will cost less that the current policy, and actually do some good.

    This is a before-coffee first cut at a better policy that the current USA corn ethanol nonsense – I’m sure it can be improved. Instead of the usual negative responses from the usual suspects – kindly suggest major improvements.

    Regards, Allan

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Sorry. I can see DC listening to what you just said and than they will tell you that Racist Math (Getting rid of) is the MOST important thing today. Tomorrow it will be all White Authors and the next it will be…well whatever they can think of. Tell your Family. Friends and others who will listen and get yourself ready cuz DC don’t care.

      1. I tell family and friends to stock up on cases of food.

    2. Matt Dalby

      It’s actually quite hard to suggest major improvements to your policy, however a couple of minor additions could be:-
      More funding for genetic research into producing crop varieties that can withstand a range of different climatic conditions, because even if there is moderate global cooling over the next few decades can anyone predict what will happen on a regional basis?
      Likely to unpopular, but encourage people to eat less meat. A lot of grain and soya is used to feed livestock, and over 70% of the calories are lost compared with people eating the grain etc. itself. I’m not a militant vegan, and I’m not saying people should give up meat altogether, but eating smaller amounts of higher quality meat (free range pork, grass fed beef etc.) would be healthier and reduce pressure on the global demand for grain etc.

    3. P. J. Flanders


      There is no dearth of intelligent solutions for the problems we face, except for one little minor detail — the fact that ALL of these problems are being imposed upon us by people with tremendous amounts of money and power, with the express purpose of reducing the human population of the earth by three quarters (see U N Agenda 2021 and
      Agenda 2030 and Georgia Guidestones).

      Until you are ready to address the root cause of global warming policies and pandemics/vaxes, you are simply spinning your wheels. Have you been vaxxed, sir?

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    Solar cycle building & decaying. Is the solar cycle we are seeing normal? It seems to build into a high level of sunspot activity giving us hope for warming and then it tapers off into a very low level of activity with only a few specks active. Is this normal to have an embedded up and down solar cycle within a cycle?

    1. LF

      Hola, está dentro de lo normal. Se sugiere no observar el comportamiento de los Ciclos Solares con tanto zoom (es decir, con pocos años de comparación), sino que con una perspectiva de por lo menos 1000 años. De esa forma se podrá apreciar mejor las ciclicidades mayores del Sol y que vienen determinando tanto los calentamientos como enfriamientos que hemos tenido en nuestra historia. En estos momentos y tal como lleva contándonos el señor Allan, vamos directo y de cabeza a un nuevo frío, tanto o mas intenso que el Mínimo de Maunder. Saludos.

    2. Baba Looey translates LF

      Hi, it’s normal. It is suggested not to observe the behavior of the Solar Cycles with such a zoom (that is, with a few years of comparison), but rather with a perspective of at least 1000 years. In this way, it will be possible to better appreciate the greater cyclicities of the Sun and that have been determining both the heating and cooling that we have had in our history. Right now, and as Mr. Allan has been telling us, we are heading straight for a new cold, as intense or more intense than the Maunder Minimum. Greetings.

  3. T Servo

    I have the perfect solution to removing CO2 from the atmosphere and its free as well! Did you know CO2 goes to a solid (dry ice) at -78.5C! Just get a littler colder and AGW is solved yeah! (see below) Of course we will all be starving and freezing 🙂

    Capt you wrote in this article “… but this has just been eclipsed by the French-Italian Antarctic Station Concordia which registered a low of -79.3C (-111F) on April 16 — and to put that reading into context, -79.3C is just 2.5C off the planet’s coldest April temperature ever recorded.”

  4. Ballistic Logos

    RE-WRITING THE NARRATIVE – WEF Magnetic Slime Robots vid… trust the science… and you will be happy… looks like Klaus’s WEF, Young Global Leaders, 4IR, Eugenicists gots it all covered now… and that the cull will be CCTV’d/televised… while still being invisible to the oblivious targets.


    Darwin Awards Ballistic Physics explained… and I bet a lot of hombres with larger calibres have often wondered just how much doing this trick would smart… if you weren’t.
    How Dangerous Is A Bullet Shot Straight Up In The Air?

  5. P. J. Flanders

    With the likes of Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab arrayed against us, where is Machiavelli when we need him? Of course, he would probably be on the other side as well, lol. That’s where the money and power are. But you gotta love him, he’s so good at what he does.

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