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Anak Krakatau Volcano — “readings are off the scale”

Anak Krakatau (Indonesia) is being closely monitored. Continuous intense explosions can be heard 42 km (26 miles) away, and seismicity is off the scale.

Take a look at the current readings:

Then compare them to a previous eruptive state of November 2007:

Krakatau 2007

Krakatau is the result of the infamous Krakatoa eruption of 1883, one of the biggest on record, killing at least 36,500 people.

That eruption released 20 million tons of sulphur into the atmosphere and produced a volcanic winter, reducing worldwide temperatures by an average of 1.2 °C (2.2 °F) for five years.

After a quiescence of less than a half century, the post-collapse cone of Anak Krakatau was constructed within the 1883 caldera.

Recent activity of Krakatau and its out-gassing is increasing with strombolian to vulcanian-style explosions from the summit crater. The crazy seismograms suggest this magma chamber, capable of VEI 6 or greater eruptions, is rapidly filling with lava.

If this baby goes in a big way (VEI 6+) expect immediate darkening of the skies, global cooling and civil unrest.

The team at VolcanoDiscovery are closely monitoring the activity.

Check here for their latest updates

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