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An Historic 18.5 inches of Snowfall Buries Davie County

The debilitating Davie County December snowstorm of last weekend measures up to the 19.5 inches recorded in 1927 and the blizzard of 1936.

History is repeating as solar activity continues its decline back to Centennial/Gleissberg/Glassberg Minimum levels (approximately 1878 – 1936), and beyond.

Local Davie weather expert James George recorded a monster 18.5 inches at his Sheffield home, and says to expect more of the same.

“This ain’t going to be the only snow,” he said. “It’s one of several. It’s going to be a stormy, icy winter.”

James predicts a brief spell of milder weather around Christmas, followed by a bitter bang of brutal Arctic cold come January and February.

Last weekend’s Davie County snowstorm caused many crashes, left 1,500 without power, and caused an historic old barn off Spillman Road, in Farmington, to buckle and collapse under the weight of the snow.

For the full article from ourdavie.com, click here.

Prepare, folks.

The cold times are back.

Grand Solar Minimum

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