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North America Just Suffered Its Coldest Winter In Years; Spring Equinox Saw “Winter-Like Cold” Grip Much Of Europe–With Cyprus Setting Its Lowest March Temp On Record

North America Just Suffered Coldest Winter In Years

Unusually frigid temperatures have engulfed Canada and the United States over the past three months. Even according to those UHI-ignoring hucksters at NOAA, meteorological winter went down as North America’s coldest since 2014.

And when looking at only January and February of 2022, it was “the coldest such period since 1996,” added NOAA (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Global temperature anomaly map for Feb 2022 [NOAA].

Taking NOAA’s data as read, with all of its glorious Urban Heat Island (UHI) bias, what is also revealed is that a sharp cooling trend across the U.S. and Canada has prevailed from 2016 through 2022 (to March).

Using the same data tool NOAA cites in its latest report (released Jan, 2020) as well as a similar 5-year time-frame, it is revealed that temperatures in North America declined at a rate of 1.29C per Decade between Jan, 2016 through Feb, 2022.

This is a monster drop in temps, one approx. 19 times Earth’s official average rate of increase since 1880–at least according to the NOAA report: “The global annual temperature has increased at an avg. rate of 0.07C (0.13F) per decade since 1880.”

North America Temperature Anomalies vs 20th century average [NOAA].

But why does the data show North America is cooling yet the planet overall is heating up? Well, one answer could be that weather station coverage is very good across the U.S. and Canada, whereas it’s very poor across much of the rest of the planet — and where coverage is thin (such as in Africa and Siberia, for example) NOAA simply guess the temperature. This filling in the gaps will be justified by saying that readings from the closest temperature stations have been used as proxy, but 1) this method will not give an accurate global temperature record as the closest temp station could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away, and 2) these stations will more often than not be located in cosmopolitan areas, and such areas have a proven Urban Heat Island bias and so will of course skew the overall picture. When natural vegetation is replaced with buildings, pavement, and spurious heat sources like air conditioning units and cars, the microclimate around a thermometer site changes. This expansion of inner-city readings to cover entire nations is probably, now, the sole driver of anthropogenic global warming.

With this guesswork, NOAA –in partnership with a few small fractions of other organizations (such as NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies)– have managed to craft a wholly unnaturally linear temperature trend that is supposedly on course to deliver an “unprecedented climatic catastrophe” within the next few months/years/decades–nobody can quite agree on the time-frame; but one thing you can be sure on, we’re all about to ‘fry’ unless we limit free-speech, overthrow democracy and capitalism, and overhaul affordable energy in favor of expensive and failing renewables (see physicists William Happer’s take on that HERE).

In conclusion, North America having good thermometer coverage could actually be limiting NOAA’s “guesswork” — i.e. the continent’s cooling trend could actually be providing us a picture far closer to the global truth (I have no other explanation). But moreover, even when taking NOAA’s raw global data –so before it passes through the government agency’s warm-mongering filters— a cooling trend can be discerned here, too — Global Land an Ocean temperature anomalies are trending -0.14C per Decade over the same time period:

North America Temperature Anomalies vs 20th century average [NOAA].

This global cooling is even more pronounced when looking at the satellite data with temps down some 0.71C since 2016 and falling:

Spring Equinox Saw “Winter-Like Cold” Grip Much Of Europe

With the Spring Equinox came conditions akin to a full a winter’s day for central and eastern Europe.

The mercury sank to -15.8C (3.5F) in the Greek mountains; heavy frosts ravaged Bulgaria and Romania, with Sofia suffering -8.7C (16.3F); while heavy snow continues to fall across most of the Caucasus (so parts of southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia, etc.), even at low elevations.

The snow also spread deep into west-central Russia, too, settling over Chelyabinsk (located near the Kazakhstan border) where blizzard conditions have been noted, described as “unexpected” and “hellish”:

March has been exceptionally cold across the Eastern Mediterranean, too.

Full wintry conditions are still present in the likes of Greece and Turkey where fresh snow is even falling on coastal regions around the Black Sea:

Heavy snow continues to bury the low-lying city of Istanbul, too:

While truly astonishing spring totals are hitting the likes of Sarıkamış, Kars province:

Cyprus Set Its Lowest March Temp On Record

Staying in the Eastern Mediterranean, Sunday March 20 was another historic day across Cyprus.

A low of -11.6C (11.1F) was officially logged at the Trodos Square Mt. Station — the coldest March reading ever observed in the country. It was bitingly-cold across the island, too — the village of Kyperounta broke its own regional low with -7.6C (18.3F).

As reported by cyprus-mail.com, Troodos square is currently under about 44cm (17 inches) of snow, “which has not typically been recorded in March since before the ‘70s or even ‘60s,” said director of the state meteorological services Kleanthis Nicolaides.

Further reading:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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27 Thoughts to “North America Just Suffered Its Coldest Winter In Years; Spring Equinox Saw “Winter-Like Cold” Grip Much Of Europe–With Cyprus Setting Its Lowest March Temp On Record”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    So UHIs – Urban Heat Islands – are cooling off!
    How about a few more solar panels? Would they help?
    I understand they heat up, only 20% of the sunlight turns to electricity!
    I once drove through a West Texas Solar farm in 110 F heat with no AC in my pickup when I hit the middle of the farm the temp jumped 5 F – to 115 F.!!!
    I hear they are floating the solar panels in water in SE Asia to keep them cool!
    The world too cool – add some solar panels!!!
    Sounds good to me! Hidden Agenda? AGW – Solar Panels? Conspiracy?
    Haven’t seen anyone talk about this!

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      Well there you go, a combination of unreliable electricity production for eight hours a day & a part time water heater to do what exactly? Get crushed by the huge hail storm here in Texas today.

      1. Deb

        Sounds like a conspiracy to me, lol.

        1. Dallas Schneider

          LoL – DS

    2. Matt Dalby

      There must come a point where the Urban Heat Island in effect becomes fully saturated. No one doubts that surrounding a weather station with buildings, concrete etc. creates a localised increase in temperature, however there is only so much “stuff” that can be built close to a weather station, and once all this “stuff” is in place the difference between the temperature recorded at the weather station will remain higher than nearby rural areas, but the difference between urban and rural won’t continue to increase.
      This could be part of the reason why the U.S. appears to be cooling faster than a lot of the rest of the globe. The UHI effect is just as real in the U.S. as anywhere else, but has remained constant for a number of years, whereas in other parts of the world that are still developing the UHI has yet to reach it’s maximum value so there is still some spurious warming.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Interesting Observation – Conclusion

  2. Mike Shea

    Antartica was mentioned on BBC recently has having experienced unusually ‘warm’ temperatures (up to minus 32 or something like that. This after the coldest six months it has ever experienced. What might be the cause of this?

    1. Matt Dalby

      A highly meridional jet stream that pushes cold air northwards on one side of the jet, and warm air southwards on the other side. In the case of Antarctica this effect is multiplied by the fact that the air above the land is usually very dry and radiates heat rapidly. The warm air was unusually moist, at least in Antarctic terms, and probably cloudy thus slowing the loss of heat. Think of the difference between a clear night in winter and a cloudy night to get some idea of what’s happening down there.

  3. Dallas Schneider

    Seems to me the Solar Farms could be driving AGW!!!
    Have you taken the temp of your solar panel recently during a bright day?

    1. Deb

      No, we don’t all run around with little temperature guns zapping everything like some people do.

      Did it ever occur that maybe the panels are absorbing light/heat from the sun, which is what they are designed to.

      Try zapping your car after it’s been sitting in the hot sun for a few hours. Bet it’s higher than the ambient temp, but you wouldn’t accuse it of “creating” heat and fueling global warming, would you?

      Well, maybe you will now. I shouldn’t have said anything. Next thing you know, the govt will be taking our cars away to “save the planet”.

      Oops! I shouldn’t have said that. Now I’m a domestic terrorist. Bye all…

      1. Chris Norman

        Exactly Deb, I once heard a “scientist” suggest that if we all painted our roofs white we could reduce the amount of heat in the atmosphere.

  4. Kenneth Heck

    Why are the poles warmer than normal while the rest of the planet is colder?

    1. DIrk Pitt

      Heat from volcanos following solar flares caused by major planetary alignments. The Antarctic temp was from an active seismic area averaging two quakes a day this month. Heat from S America volcanos also heads to that area everyday if you watch what is going on.

      Same thing up North, volcanic heat rises North and there have been volcanos going off pushing heat North everyday if you watch SO2/Temp/Pressure on Windy.com. Last week a heat plume from Kamchatka rose 38k and sucked up the heat from Taal and Japan volcanos creating a cyclone bringing heat into the Arctic where the pattern remains now:

      Atlantic Arctic has been getting heat from volcanos every day for over a year. The warm EU area shown on the Anoms Map in the article above is from Etna. pumping out heat every day for over a year. Works both ways. Turkey is snowed in from Etna’s ash plume and you can see the cold air from Greenland getting pulled into the low-pressure N of Norway now which is a function of the heat rising from volcanos.
      Time to chop firewood, chop chop.

  5. DIrk Pitt

    7″new, 3F, and sunshine at Jackson Hole. 321″ of snow SO FAR this season: https://www.jacksonhole.com/live-mountain-cams

    West coast mountain cams all show cold cloudy snowy, no global warming:

    Chains required on I-90 Eastbound, a sure sign of another NOT GLOBAL WARMING DAY:

    Percent of snow water equivalent is right about normal on the NW corner of the USA:

    38f and steady rain here at sea level. Windy, looks like November, not good for
    starting my veggies growing. I got some areas prepped last week and the lawn mowed between squalls. La Nina years suck and with all the volcanic activity going on it’s going to be another long winter this Spring like the last three crappy years. Same as it ever was…

    1. Deb

      Thanks, DIrk,

      I remembered to download the Jackson Hole app to my phone this time.

      I really like that webcam photo at the bottom of the highway leading to the mountains. Reminds me of good times on the road.

      1. DIrk Pitt

        Earthquake swarm on Mt Hood volcano yesterday. Mt Bachelor has had some recently too:

        1. robertL

          Site shows no recent earthquakes???
          “2 weeks” period “all” and focussed on Oregon
          as at 22 March 2022 13:07 SAST

        1. Deb

          Been to the top of both Bachelor and Hood. Oregon is my favorite state. I lived there 3 different times, in 3 different climate zones. The TV weather people give reports for 5 different zones at every broadcast.

          1. Dallas Schneider

            Love Oregon too Deb,
            Only place I have seen to have 125 mile long
            National Scenic Area along the mighty Columbia River!
            Pickup a Buffalo Burger at Bend.
            See a Steam locomotive at Toledo.
            Down on the coast they grow Kentucky Blue Grass,
            to send back to Kentucky!


    Energy cannot be created or destroyed – just moved from one place to another !

    Climate change is like that ! The worlds jet stream moves energy from one place to another !
    Energy released from one place must go somewhere !


      When we burn any type of fuel from oil-gas – coal – wood etc , that energy goes somewhere !

      Rudgerators and heaters do the same thing !

  7. Chris Norman

    Don’t forget the polluting effect of homogenisation. You have ten thermometers, two are accurate the other eight are, for various man made reasons inaccurate. E.G. placed on an airport with vast concrete aprons as per Heathrow. So you adjust the eight, essentially by guesswork to what you think they should be and then add all 10 together for an average.

    And what they just did was to make the two accurate temperatures inaccurate.
    It’s called science.

  8. TheMronz

    At a time when half the scientific community are running around like headless chickens pretending to worry about climate change you might have thought they would find the inclination and resources to place temperature stations where they best represent a true reading?

    1. Deb

      AGW people are nothing if not inconsistent.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Seems to me Weather Balloons are where they best represent a true reading.
        “Between 900 and 1,300 locations around the globe do routine releases, two or four times daily.”
        Where is the IPCC Report/model using these readings?
        Is their laptop Apple too small to analyze all those little temp report?

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