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Ambae (Aoba) volcano spews ash 9.1 km (30 000 feet), Vanuatu

A powerful eruption at Vanuatu’s Ambae (Aoba) volcano at 03:30 UTC on July 16, 2018 has ejected ash up to 9.1 km (33 000 feet) above sea level. 

Off the back of the 6.4M Vanuatu earthquake, July 13th, comes a strong eruption from this potentially deadly volcano.

Ambae’s April 5th 2018 eruption, entirely under-reported by the mainstream media, emitted the most sulfur dioxide of any eruption since Calbuco, Chile in 2015.

“Ambae volcano has become more restless again starting mid-March 2018,” writes volcanologist Erik Klemetti, “and VMGD noted that these new eruptions mark a change in character for the volcano to more ash-rich, explosive eruptions versus the types that occurred before.”

“Ash from eruptions have fallen on residential and agricultural regions of the small island, contaminating water and potentially becoming a real hazard for the people living on the island again.”

“This makes ash a larger hazard for air travel or water supplies, but also opens the possibilities of volcanic mudflows (lahars) related to ash deposits and heavy rains,” Klemetti explains, adding that although the eruptions since mid-March haven’t made the news like the ones in the fall, they might be even more significant.

The uptick in volcanic activity continues — with our ‘known erupting volcano count’ now up to 38.

Aoba, also known as Ambae, is a massive 2500 cu km basaltic shield volcano that is the most voluminous volcano of the New Hebrides archipelago.
Shield volcano 1496 m / 4,908 ft
Vanuatu, -15.4°S / 167.83°E

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