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Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record; + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled

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Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record

The ‘climate brigade’ have gone quiet re. Australia in recent weeks, focusing instead on a slither of summer heat gripping Western Europe and a perfectly ordinary ‘heat dome’ building in the Central U.S. — and that’s because it’s bloody freezing Down Under, unprecedentedly cold, in fact.

The middle of Australia is renowned for its scorching hot summers and year-round blue skies, not for its cold winters.

However, this year the region has been buffeted by rare Antarctic blasts and, as a result, is suffering its coldest spell ever.

The Northern Territory locale of Alice Springs has seen its thermometers sink below 0C (32F) for twelve consecutive mornings now, which, according to the Bureau of Meteorology –in books dating back 81 years– surpasses the previous longest streak of below-zero days set in July 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

The frosty nights aren’t set to abate just yet. either.

“There’s every chance you’re going to smash the record and set a new one each day,” said BoM senior forecaster Billy Lynch, who added: “It’s been below average for so long — I’m sure some people might just appreciate some average conditions for a while.”

As reported by, plumbing businesses around Alice Springs have been fielding dozens of calls a day to repair burst pipes that have frozen overnight. 

Project manager at SDA Plumbing, Owen Auricht, said he had to turn away about 50 potential customers one morning because of the huge volume of work: “The climatic conditions when it freezes in Alice causes a lot of mayhem for the town,” he said.

“People don’t think much of it because it only freezes here a couple of nights of the year really. It’s not a common occurrence, but when it does happen it does create a lot of havoc.” 

Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled

We’re now well into the summer melt season on Greenland, and the ice sheet is still maintaining a large portion of its mass — the ice is has held comfortably above the 1981-2010 average all season.

Impressive surface mass balance (SMB) readings –a calculation to determine the ‘health’ of a glacier– have been posted across the Greenland ice sheet 2021-2022, culminating in the historic early-summer gains of a few weeks ago.

Greenland is continuing to defy AGW Party orders into July, too, refusing to melt as scheduled.

As shown below, this year (blue line) hasn’t descend below the multidecadal average (grey line) since mid/late-May.


Here’s a better look:


Note how 2021-22’s Acc. SMB is progressing well-above the 1981-2010 mean — an impossibility under the original global warming doctrine, which called for linearly rising global temperatures and rapid, unabating glacial melt.

Mainstream divinations foretold of an ice-free Arctic/Greenland by 2007, 2010, 2014, 2018–the date kept getting pushed back as each doomsday deadline uneventfully passed by.

And the dates continue to evolve even to this day, too — latest prophesies see the disappearance of Greenland ice arriving by 2035, 2050, 2065–depending on whichever BS study you happen to stumble upon first on Google.

In reality, though –where I try to exist– the SMB trend on Greenland appears to of reversed.

While it is true that the Greenland ice sheet lost mass from around 1995 to 2012, that trend of loss has now been overturned, almost completely — like the gradual turning of a vast ship, from the year’s 2010 to 2015 Greenland’s SMB changed course and has been on an upward trajectory ever since:

If you want proof of mainstream media manipulation and agenda driving drivel, you need look no further than the “official” reporting of the Greenland ice sheet–the poster child for anthropogenic global warming.

If today’s intensifying energy crisis wasn’t rooted in said obfuscations and outright lies, all of this would highly entertaining.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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25 Thoughts to “Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record; + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled”

  1. Talis Forstmanis

    Scientifically illiterate politicians and media = (“Excretum Bullis”)³. “Greenhouse gases” only exist in greenhouses. This is proven by the Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Thank you for this comment with the corresponding gas law! Very Good!
      The Earth is not a Greenhouse, neither is Mars.
      If the GHG theory was correct, then Mars at 980,000 PPM
      (versus Earth 400 PPM) should be smoking hot.
      Instead it gets so cold 25% of the CO2 freezes to dry ice each year
      according to NASA.
      Seems we have a ways to go to get no place with these idiots!

      1. Dallas Schneider

        On reviewing my comments it would seem
        that an increase in CO2 to 980,000 PPM
        makes it so cold it freezes to dry ice each winter,
        would mean an increase from 400 PPM up
        would definitely throw Earth into an Ice Age!
        Oh well, never was able to apply calculus very well.
        Maybe the IPCC doesn’t get it either!

    2. Rocket Scientist

      Greenhouse gases ain’t impermeable like Greenhouse glass(es).

    1. Baba Looey

      Your link translated:
      using this:

      … alzo no be sad… be happy…
      You Will Eat Air and Be Happy

      Apocalypse_Watchman by MrE

      “In reality, though –where I try to exist”… Cap’n Quixote’s on a quest even.
      Reality Quest

      1. Homo Erectus

        [Non] Mannish [front] Boy/Actors “supposedly” running the show… deking/head faking out the masses… even Mikey can see them now.

      2. Frame Game Propaganda

        The purpose of vaccination is behavioural control of the population and eugenic control – July 19th, 2022

        FAK577 MrE and Fakeologist – Pharmakeia, Porneia, and Persecution
        July 19th, 2022


        Charlie Theron – One of The Boys (beyond predictive all-fours programming as per above vids)

  2. Dallas Schneider

    Here in Sarasota South County after a streak of no rain for 8 days
    we finally did get a shower, only 1.1 inches so not a real big one.
    Oh, we had showers, thunder and lightning all around us just not
    on this location. Accuweather predicts a big one for today, 95% Chance.
    THE OUTLIER though is the SKY Temp this morning, A cool 31 Degrees F.
    This dropped from 48 the day before which has been normal this year.
    With that cool a sky we woke up to a very comfortable 70 Deg F ground/air temp.
    Where are the hurricanes? Oh yes………they do not mix well with Sahara Dust!

  3. Michael Peinsipp

    Excretum Bullis … Now that is the perfect definition of Al Gore, Michael Mann and many other LIARS!!!
    Keep cool and plant, grow and be ready!!!
    Oh…Arm up!!!

  4. sad

    I invite you to discover this site and to make it known; the information it gives is important; few people know it; the human plan in progress, that is to say the plan of the oligarchies which includes war, famine, economic and financial crises and dictatorship, is only designed to hide the tree that hides the forest: the astroclimate; the fable of global warming and greenhouse gases is part of this social engineering; enjoy your reading; I’m sorry, but it’s in French

    it will help you and your loved ones
    god bless you

  5. Eaton Haines

    Australian Prime Minister Albanese decides to bring Monday’s scheduled the National Cabinet meeting with State Premiers forward to Saturday 16th July. One wonders why? Why indeed, when what could possibly so important State Premier’s own arrangements for this Saturday should be derailed on the PM’s insistence that they must cancel engagements to fit in with him?

    It may mean the Covid Crisis has made a nasty turn for the worse or . . . something else is a foot he wants to do with Monday which required re-scheduling not just his routine but that of every leader in the country?

    That surprise turn around may be due to something that happened at 1.00am Albanese thought too radical to consider at that hour, then after some further consideration, by 5.00am realized it was absolutely essential to rearrange everyone’s day at the drop of a hat.

    I wonder what that could be that went through his mind which he initially dismissed, that urgently required his attention on Monday that he decided he must dedicate time into?

    Surely nothing could so much more important on Monday that it required annoying Premiers, all of whom are Labor. As the Principal Labor Leader, Albanese knows they must kowtow to him as their superior benevolent chairman, since that is how Socialism works according to Karl Marx.

    I wonder how many Australians realize how much ececutive power Albanese wields now all the States as well as the Federal Government are Labor? Labor is not democratic.

    If Albanese wants to fast track the E.S.G. Protocols for the unhinging od farmers, to accelerate removing petrol driven cars off Australia’s Roads so as to get to 43% cuts to emissions by 31st December 2029, he must act now in order for his New Look Environmental Protection Agency to have enough teeth to punish Australians who use their motor vehicles for work or business. He must illegalize private use of motor vehicles by forcably removing them off the roads.

    He can’t start doing that without the consent of compliant Premiers so as to make these changes to the look EPA as the New Regulator as from Monday.

    What is Albo up too? That meeting behind closed doors at the Pacific Forum was held in secret as is today’s National.Cabinet. I don’t trust him because he doesn’t care how much he hurts small business. If he cared he would never have decided to go 43% carbon cuts before 1st January 2030 and he has less than 89 months or 356 weeks to do that in.

    He must do a hand brake U turn with the Australian Economy. The man is crazy. This is really going to hurt everybody here very baldly.

    Hang on Australia. This will be horrific.

    1. Al

      How about that imbecile Andrews in Victoria who is somehow ahead in the polls for this years state election, a dog of a human who is despised by many and yet will likely win a rigged election. The Chinese almost got him last year as he came within an inch of his life…a corrupt and lying piece of nothing who will get God’s judgment in his end.

  6. sad

    the oligarchies know the Chaldean sideral astrology; the people are kept in ignorance with the tropical astrology that of the seasons which is false with a difference of 25 degrees between each sign!

    1. sad
      Emmanuel Macron lors de son allocution officielle du 16 mars annonça un confinement général des Français à leurs domiciles et le couvre-feu. La date n’a pas été choisi au hasard. Elle correspond à la symbolique des chiffres et à la numérologie sataniste dont nos élites sont friandes.

      1717 : fondation “officielle” de la Franc-maçonnerie (double 17).

      1917 : Révolution russe.

      2017 : élection de Macron.

      Le chiffre 17 intervient également dans la date. La liste est trop longue à donner ici. Pour les événements les plus récents,

      La presse nous dit que le premier cas de corona virus aurait eu lieu le 17 novembre 2019. L’article ayant été publié à 17 h 17 (deux fois 17 ; 1717 date de la fondation de la Franc-maçonnerie en Angleterre.

      GOD bless you all

  7. sad

    hollywood is not what the masses think…

    when i was a teenager this shit makes me dream; it ‘s over for a long time

  8. Dirk Pitt

    The forecast shows more snow in Greenland in the next ten days. The snowiest forecast on the planet is for Alaska with over ten feet forecast in the next ten days:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,next10d,58.159,-136.670,5,m:flyachV

  9. Anglia

    ki kahh rahy ho

  10. Michael

    Even our national broadcaster (see: Propaganda outlet) here in Australia acknowledged our weather on the east coast is unusual…

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