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Alaska’s Mild Early Winter Topples Century-Old Records

With each day that passes without snow at the official recording site, so grows the record for Fairbanks’s most snowless start to winter.

It’s the first time in more than a century with no recorded snow — not even a trace — this late in October.

On top of that, warm weather across the state is setting marks for the latest freeze date on record.

Climatologist at UAF, Brian Brettschneider, has this to say: “Not even a passing flake of snow has landed at the Fairbanks International Airport. So it’s really noteworthy.

“I mean, this time of year, the sun angle is getting lower, the temperature really drops, and we expect snow to be flying for the northern half of the state by this date. And it’s just not happening this year.

“Plenty of rain around Fairbanks and the entire interior, it just hasn’t been cold enough to snow.”

Brettschneider explains that a low pressure in the Bering Sea is pumping massive amounts of warm air over Alaska from the subtropics.

And looking forward, Brettschneider sees no end in sight: “People that are kind of waiting for cold and snow, you know, they’re more likely to be disappointed than not.”

For the full article from alaskapublic.org click here — however it fails to put all the pieces together.

A warming Alaska is exactly what we’d expect during a Grand Solar Minimum or period of global cooling.

And for more on that click below:

Texas ‘Out-Snowing’ Parts of Alaska — All Predicted During a Grand Solar Minimum


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  1. S

    Does this mean that the Iceland area will be warmer during the GSM?

    1. Cap Allon

      Looking at past GSM’s, Iceland warms yes — but with GSM’s so too comes an uptick in Volcanic Activity, so Iceland still might not be a great bet.

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