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AccuWeather’s Canada Winter Forecast for the 2018-2019 Season

Winter storms will frequent Atlantic Canada in the coming months, with harsh winter chills dominating the eastern Prairies, according to AccuWeather’s Canada Winter Forecast.

“The main storm track in the east will be directed toward Atlantic Canada with the potential for several large storms from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland this season,” Anderson said.

“Heavier-than-normal snowfall is anticipated from southeastern Quebec through New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island this winter,” he added.

While the major winter storms largely stay east of cities such as Ottawa and Toronto, some harsh cold snaps could chill the region, especially during the second half of the season.

“The majority of Arctic blasts will be focused into northeastern Canada, but they may shift more toward eastern Ontario and Quebec late in the winter,” Anderson said.

Bitterly cold air will often intrude into the Canadian Prairies throughout the winter, but this season, it will focus more on eastern parts.

[Grand Solar Minimum pattern]


For AccuWeather’s forecast in it’s entirety, click here.



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