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“A Historic Event” — Aussie City Blanketed in Snow for the first time in 40 Years

Australia’s ever-intensifying Antarctic Blast is beginning to deliver. This morning (Aug 5), swathes of Tasmania received their first settling snow for 40 years.

As picked up by Yahoo News Australia, Tasmania’s riverside city of Launceston was hammered by snow on Tuesday evening, as the mercury at the airport sank below-zero just after 9pm.

Bureau of Meteorology’s Matthew Thomas said the settling snow in Tasmania’s north is a weather event not seen for some 40 years.

“It’s a very rare event for Tasmania,” said Thomas.

“We saw some snow settled in Hobart, with the last two occurrences in 1986 and 2015. [However] the last time we saw snow settle in Launceston was in the early 1970s,” he said.

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino described it as “a historic event for Tasmania”:

Weatherzone meteorologist Joel Pippard has said it’s “likely” northern Tasmania will see more snow before the week is out, and added that Launceston is set for bone-chilling lows of -2C by Friday.

Stay tuned for updates.

Historically low solar activity continues to weaken the jet streams, changing their flow from one that is tight (ZONAL) to wavy (MERIDIONAL). This “weakening” pulls Antarctic air anomalously-far north (in the southern hemisphere), and kicks Arctic air unusually-far south (in the northern hemisphere).

For more on the science, click the link below:

The Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) is intensifying.

Soon, even the most propagandized of jumbucks will admit that the Earth is cooling.

However, as NASA -and others- have revealed, while Earth’s overall temperature trends colder during a GSM –as the Sun’s output drops lower and lower– not all regions suffer the chill. As with the previous GSM (the Maunder Minimum 1645-1715), areas like the ArcticAlaska, and S. Greenland/N. Atlantic actually warm during bouts of otherwise “global” cooling — NASA reveals the phenomenon in their Maunder Minimum temperature reconstruction map:

Temp change between 1780 (a year of normal solar activity) and 1680 (a year within the depths of the Maunder Minimum) — NASA.

Climate is cyclic, never linear –despite what the MSM is feeding us– and historical documentation is calling this the return of the COLD TIMES.

The Arctic appears to be warming again -slightly- but, as touched on above, the warming is line with the historically low solar activity we’re currently experiencing and its impact on the jet streams (along with cloud cover), and NOT due to Man’s wholly-beneficial CO2-excretions.

Don’t fall for bogus warm-mongering political agendas.


Heed the warnings handed-down by EVERY great civilization of the past:

Prepare accordingly learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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