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A Few Problems with the Met Office statement, “Hottest Easter Monday EVER!”

The UK, along with much of Northern and Western Europe, has been enjoying warm African air this Easter weekend with highs of 25C (77F) recorded at Heathrow, Northolt and Wisley on Mondaythe warmth coming as a welcome reprieve from what has otherwise been a cold month.

The Met Office checked the record books and in a giddy tizz rushed to release the statement, “Hottest Easter Monday EVER!” –which is fine– but it’s with the BBC, The Guardian and other heat-seeking AGW advancing propaganda machines that I take issue with.

I mean for starters, Easter Monday fell on April 22 this year making it one of the latest Easter Monday’s EVER! In fact it’s only the 12th time in the last 208 years that the day has fallen on or after April 22.

And for seconders, the UK’s hottest April 22 on record stands 1.9C higher than 2019’s max, at 26.9C (80.4F) set back in 2011. With the nation’s hottest Easter temp of all-time measured at a staggering 29.4C (85F) in Camden Square, London on Holy Saturday of 1949 (April 16).

So while the Met Office are technically correct, it’s the constant obfuscation of the truth that I grow weary of. The headline is latched upon by the likes of the BBC and their presenters front segments like, “Can we really enjoy this glorious weather guilt free?” or in the case of Channel 4 News, “All four UK nations record their hottest-ever Easter Monday. Cause for celebration or anxiety?”

The answer is yes, yes we can enjoy the weather. And no, it isn’t cause for anxiety.

AGW is a political tool, a fraud and a hoax with no credible piece of science backing it up.

You need look no further than solar activity if you want to gain a grasp of climate, and the solar cycles suggest a prolonged period of low activity is on the cards with global average temperatures set to respond in turn.

Make the most of the glorious weather while you can.

In fact, just a day later on April 23 frosts are forecast for Scotland.

And while the UK enjoys a few days of African warmth, Russia is busy setting all-time cold records:

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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