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Libya sees Snow for first time in 15 years, rare flakes also hit Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (among others) as the Sun hits milestone of 2 Spotless weeks

This week’s disruptive Arctic freeze isn’t just confined to the North America — polar cold is engulfing a large portion of the northern hemisphere, including central/eastern Europe, northern/western Asia, north Africa, and the Middle East…

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You think 2020 is bad? Think again. Wait for the “real” Catastrophes to kick-in — Volcanic Eruptions, Global Cooling, Crop Loss, and Famine

Recent studies put ancient political turmoils firmly at the feet of solar shutdowns and powerful volcanic eruptions — the end of the Roman Republic, for example, was the result of violent explosion in the Aleutians some 6,000 miles away.