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50 Beluga Whales Trapped by Thick Arctic Sea Ice

A total of 50 beluga whales remain stuck in the Chukchi Penkigngei Bay, Russia.

It is assumed that they have been in “ice captivity” since January due to an exceptionally thick and fast ice build-up, but specialists only spotted the animals in April. 

According to zoologist Grigory Tsidulko, the whales have a chance of surviving until the spring thaw, which is expected by mid-June.

The Arctic animals are well-adapted to long periods without food, explained Tsidulko — they live on fat reserves attained during the summer months.

However, the situation has recently turned more serious –due to the length of time the animals have been trapped and the depletion of the fish reserves– and as a result, the scientists have begun feeding the whales.

A similar event occurred in the mid-1980s, but that ended in a large-scale tragedy.

In 1984, thousands of beluga whales became trapped in ice captivity. Throughout the winter and spring, local residents used chainsaws to prevent the hole from completely closing up. An icebreaker was even called to help lead the animals out, but unfortunately the belugas did not immediately follow the ship, and many perished.

Our friends at The New York Times reported on the story in early 1985:

“The icebreaker Moskva raced against time and plunging temperatures to reach the whales before they suffocated or starved. But an east wind kicked up and jammed the narrow strait with ice up to 12 feet thick, leaving only small pools of open water for the white whales to surface for breathing. 

“The belugas had begun to perish and, taking on a full load of fuel, the Moskva plunged into the ice, guided by special spotter planes.

“With time the whales became fully accustomed to the ship. ‘They began coming up to the ship themselves,’ Izvestia reported [a Government newspaper]. ‘They hemmed it about from all sides. They were happy as children, jumping, spreading out all over the ice field.’

“Finally, in late February, the ship led the belugas to the open sea.”

Today’s echoing of the 1984 tragedy is a clear indication of how far we are from an “ice free Arctic.”

Such scaremongering is patently absurd, and hasn’t a shred of observational data to back it up.

It is a pie in the Arctic-sky fantasy, and one dreamed-up by the ‘plotters on high’ in order to keep the purblind masses controlled and compliant. Anthropogenic global warming is not a threat, nor will it ever be a threat — the theory is a tool to reshape the global order of things. All you lemmings blindly following these clandestinely placed commands are marching straight off the cliff, and you’re taking the rest of us with you.

Wake up already.

Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said that no new fossil fuel boilers should be sold from 2025 if the world is to achieve net-zero emissions by the middle of this century.

This is just one of 400 steps on the road to net-zero proposed by the agency in a recent report, which also includes the ban of new petrol and diesel cars around the world would by 2035.

The IEA says that from now, there is no place for new coal, oil or gas exploration or supplies.

IEA Executive Director, Fatih Birol paints an idyllic picture: “The IEA’s pathway to this brighter future brings a historic surge in clean energy investment that creates millions of new jobs and lifts global economic growth. Moving the world on to that pathway requires strong and credible policy actions from governments, underpinned by much greater international co-operation.”

In reality though, such measures would mean energy rationing and fuel poverty for hundreds of millions –maybe even billions– of people. Renewables will NOT be able to handle the demand, and this, in turn, will lead to immense, self-inflicted suffering.

“Greta is nothing but a pawn for the left”

Below are a few excerpts from an article by Candace Owens:

For years, the world has been led to believe that Greta Thunberg, (the 18-year-old climate activist who’d become a darling of the far-Left for her radical positions on climate change), is just an innocent child.

If you believed the media’s portrayal, she was nothing but an impassioned little girl in pigtails, so scared about the future of the planet that she dropped out of school to dedicate herself fully to the environmental cause.

Any person who questioned Thunberg’s remarkable rise to prominence was immediately stonewalled. After all, who would dare question the intentions of a child?

In 2019, TIME magazine even named her the most influential person in the world.

But this tool kit, and her “Freudian tweet,” pulled back the curtain, revealing Greta to be far from some indiscriminate, independent activist — but rather a young woman who is part of calculating, intentional, and contrived political apparatus.

[Re “this tool kit,” Thunberg was recently being taken to task by citizens of India. She had accidentally tweeted out a “tool kit,” that was intended for her eyes only. The contents included a step-by-step guide instructing her to draw attention to farmer protests in India through various social media measures. This “tool kit,” which was not intended for public view and was quickly scrubbed from her feed, revealed specific dates that Greta was instructed to tweet and post to Instagram in an effort to inspire outrage in a country in which she does not live, regarding a cause she presumably knows little about. Prominent Indians were sickened by what they perceived to be a globalist effort to destabilize their country].

Owens continues:

Anyone with a thinking brain figured this out long ago. But thinking brains were in short supply on the Left while Donald Trump was in office. Completely blinded by their obsession with hating Trump, any person who opposed him was quickly elevated, whether their credentials warranted such status or not. Virtually anyone ascribing to the “Orange Man Bad” philosophy was propped up, heaped with praise, and hailed as a hero, without any further analysis of their qualifications or motivations.

And so Greta, who at times seemed more opposed to Trump than climate change itself, quickly climbed the ranks with each scathing one-liner sent the President’s way.

This rise to prominence would be shocking if it weren’t now a routine occurrence in the Leftist echo chamber.

For four years, the Left propped up any and every person willing to oppose Donald Trump, with a direct correlation seen between the fervor of their hatred and the rapidity of their climb.

You see, the reason Greta is important isn’t because of who she is, but because of what she represents. Thunberg is the embodiment of the woke activist portrayed by the media as an up-by-the-bootstraps, ideologically pure hero. In reality, she is like so many before her — little more than a pawn in the Left’s larger game.

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  1. Leonard Ackler

    thanks for printing Mrs. Owens article she is a brave gal we need more like her.
    and thank you Cap, for your stand against the elite criminals who run the present world ,but they will go down as have tyrants before them, when the people finally wake up .
    and you are one of the alarm bells that will do that

  2. Markus

    Greetings from a little known country in Eastern Europe

    Our May has been unusally cool with quite a bit of rain; again today we have rain and it’s cool. Normally we would be enjoying weather in the upper 20s to lower 30s ( celsius). I planted a bunch of peppers, tomatoes and potatoes and I’m hoping to get a harvest; I’ll let you know. Over the past 2 years we have stocked up on unperishables and bought a sizeable property next to a forest in a small village with a river two kms away. Alarm bells went off in me 2 years ago because of sites like Electroverse and others. I thank you for being a watchman!

    1. Honesty

      Moldova do you come from?

  3. Anonymous

    Tell me you know nothing about climate change and how it is affecting beluga whales’ reproduction, migration patterns, and basic physiology without telling me you know nothing about climate change and its effects on Beluga whales. You can go first.

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