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2,000 Tourists Evacuated After Menorca Tornado — Plus Heavy Snowfall in Northern Spain

2,000 tourists are being relocated on the Spanish Island of Menorca after their hotels were left without electricity or water due to a freak tornado.

Three quarters of the Spanish island has been left without power for three days now, as pylons were brought down by the ravaging twister on Sunday.

More than 50 trees and hundreds of power lines were pulled down by the powerful storm, leaving tens of thousands of residents without electricity — more than 38,000 homes on Menorca alone, while neighbouring principality Asturias has reported 25,000 properties without power.

Sunday saw Spain battered by a powerful tornado, just 48 hours after the country was blanketed by heavy snowstorms.


Heavy Spanish Snow

A week-long spell of heavy snow and unseasonably low temperatures was the result of a mass of polar air plunging unusually south over the Iberian Peninsula.

October snow in these regions is incredibly rare.

Snow covers rooftops in Pajares, Asturias, Northern Spain
People walk through an intense snowstorm in Roncesvalles, Navarra, northern Spain

Heavy snowfall across the north of the country has led to traffic chaos on Spain’s train networks and roads.

There are currently weather warnings in place across 29 provinces, as well as the North African exclave city of Melilla.

Freezing temperatures are expected to last until at least Wednesday.

The jet stream is really playing up at the moment — it’s shift to a more meridional flow continues to intensify as we descend into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

The Modern Maximum is over, folks.



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