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From New Mexico to New England: More Than 100 Million Americans Under ‘Cold Weather Warnings’, + AGW/COVID Cults

More than 100 million Americans are under cold weather warnings, freeze or frost alerts, the National Weather Service (NWS) has said. Arctic air has descended into several major cities, bringing the first freezing lows of the season which have been record-breaking in some cases.

The mercury has plunged to as much as 16 degrees Celsius below the norm across the Eastern half of the CONUS.

In Chicago, the week has been marked by sub-freezing morning temperatures, tweeted the NWS.

New York’s tri-state area saw temperatures touched freezing in the early hours, for the second consecutive night.

While Orange County, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut are all under frost or freeze warnings.

In Nashville, frost conditions first appeared Tuesday, with temperatures forecasted to reach -1.7C (29F) by Friday night.

Near freezing temperatures were also registered in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area this week, with temperatures holding at least 8 degrees Celsius lower than average.

With parts of Virginia reaching lows of -3.9C (25F), reports

And across the East, a number of record lows were broken over the past 24 hours, including in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware (data courtesy of — some benchmarks that have stood for almost a century have been toppled.

Snowfall records have also been broken.

The first significant lake-effect snow of the season dropped nearly a foot of powder near the shores of the Great Lakes this week, reports The snowfall was enough to transform parts of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula into a winter wonderland and break into the record books. Snow totals surpassed 11 inches in northern parts of northern Michigan. Gaylord, Michigan, for example, picked up 11.7 inches of snow on Tuesday, which set a record for the heaviest snowfall in a calendar day in November: 

So-called ‘climate experts’ are pointing to this year’s wild temperature swings as the direct impact of “global climate change” — but there is a far more likely culprit that is being willfully ignored: The Sun, the source of our climate system’s energy, is currently in a historically weak state–a fact nobody is disputing. Frustratingly though, investigating the impact such reduced solar output could have on the climate (via the weakening of the jet streams, among other forcings) has been labelled heresy, and there are very few academics left with the gumption to openly discuss it, let alone study it--not that they’ed ever receive funding.

So, in place of open scientific debate we have censorship where even online comments questioning the consensus are removed from the record. On top of that, you have the “it’s all your fault” rhetoric: “humans are a cancer on the planet, and unless you relinquish your affordable energy and modern way of life (i.e. your freedoms) the planet will burn to a crisp,” the story goes.

This is not a healthy message to infect the population with, and not least our children — even if intentions are genuine, even if fears that world is indeed about to end are real, who are the parents out their imparting this dire prophesy on their own kids? Do you genuinely expect 10, 14, even 19-year-olds to impart change on a world of wily adults when you can’t even achieve it yourself? People don’t know ANYTHING at these ages. I know I sure didn’t. Kids have neither the body of knowledge or wealth of experience to evaluate such existential issues for themselves, and so they are merely pawns/mouthpieces for the ideological views of adults that should be there to protect them. The thought of my parents and/or teachers instructing me that lobbying politicians –effectively what parents today are doing– is our only hope of saving the planet from catastrophe is the sickest of jokes. It’s akin to child abuse, or to an extremist cult — it isn’t an honorable way of enacting change.

And to the alarmist parent: fix your own life first. If AGW is indeed a genuine fear of yours then exit the system and live off-grid, innovate solutions and then build those solutions and market them. Thinking that bitching to politicians, painting placards, and taking naps in the middle of motorways will lower the levels of an atmospheric gas is insanity, a circus, and a dangerous waste of everybody’s time, because while you’re busy marching over the ppm of a trace gas the elite’s are busy reclaiming our freedoms.

Politicians, on both sides of the divide, are merely following a script — they don’t have anywhere near the power people perceive. If the script requires it of them, these people will backtrack on anything and everything that they once held to be true. Taking British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as an example, the man spent the past few decades denying global warming, and in as recently as December 2015 suggested that a bout of global cooling may actually be on the cards.

But just look at the useless dolt now, dutifully pandering to the baseless claims other useless dolts at COP26:

COP26: Boris Johnson faces backlash after being pictured without facemask  while next to Sir David Attenborough | Politics News | Sky News
Life of the AGW Party: Johnson following orders and towing the AGW Party line (he can’t help if it’s boring as f**k).

A word on COVID, and back to the topic of ‘cults’ and ‘child abuse’: who are the parents volunteering their children to be shields against this virus? Who’s brainwashing is now so complete that they think injecting kids with an untested vaccine is a noble idea?

Note: the mRNA jabs can now officially be called a vaccine — not because the science has changed in any way, but because the wording has: Merriam-Webster recently redefined “vaccine” to fall in line with the updated definition from the CDC. So there’s that…

Long-term side effects remain unknown, while short-term impacts aren’t looking too great. Moreover, there is now a suspicion that over time these “vaccines” chip away at your body’s immune system, leaving you susceptible to falling seriously ill with not just the latest coronavirus doing the rounds but with any nasty bug. Anecdotally, and with people who have had an mRNA vaccine, this is becoming more and more prevalent. I am seeing otherwise young and healthy adults bedridden with sicknesses that never would have impacted them so severely in the past. Blaming this increasing phenomenon on the lockdowns is one approach, as keeping people indoors would, logically, have limited their exposure to ‘germs’, but the question then is: why does the data show that these public health outbreaks are more prevalent in the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated?

I don’t have any comprehensive answers here, and I’m not necessarily insinuating anything. I’m asking questions. I don’t know what’s going on. But this isn’t due to a lack of effort and digging on my part, it’s because we the public aren’t privy to the full story. A lack of answers to our questions ultimately leads to suspicion and distrust. And if explanations still aren’t forthcoming, even in the midst a ‘public health emergency’ and during the enforcement of vaccine mandates, etc., then the elites are backing people into a corner where conspiracy theories can flourish. This is intentional. This compounds our divisions.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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28 Thoughts to “From New Mexico to New England: More Than 100 Million Americans Under ‘Cold Weather Warnings’, + AGW/COVID Cults”

  1. GR

    “People don’t know ANYTHING at these ages. I know I sure didn’t. Kids have neither the body of knowledge or wealth of experience to evaluate such existential issues for themselves, and so they are merely pawns/mouthpieces for the ideological views of adults that should be there to protect them. ”

    I completely agree, and there are so many other examples of how ideology is being pushed on kids, such as assuming they have the mental capacity at their ages to be able to claim they are the opposite gender of their biological sex, or that they are non-binary and everything else. Between this, climate change, race, it’s all in my own opinion, going to rear an entirely brainwashed generation that just accepts what is told to them as fact without questioning, whilst keeping them fixated on things like identity politics so they don’t use their brains to actually question what they are told. As you quite rightly say in your article, it is akin to child abuse.

    Regarding Boris Johnson, he allegedly got “scientists” to present to him an evaluation as to how much humans are responsible for climate change when he assumed office, according to an interview on GB news. All of these scientists were very pro AGW of course, so he got absolutely no alternative arguments that perhaps humans were not to blame at all. The way he described the relationship between CO2 and temperatures was exactly like an IPCC mouthpiece.

    On the vaccines…..Isn’t it curious that all of the non-mRNA vaccines have either not been bought and distributed by government, or those that have, such as Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson, have been shutdown by effective campaigns against them on their side effects. Not that I am supporting those two vaccines either, but it is strange that the only vaccines now readily available in many western countries are now only the mRNA ones…..and few of the general public seem to ask why this is the case. The only vaccine to my knowledge that is more “classical” (uses dead coronavirus) is Valneva’s, which of course, the UK government backed out of buying.

  2. chaz

    want answers here you go


  3. bill

    billy /797d356e9a

  4. Michael Peinsipp

    Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA process, has stated that mRNA being used in this fashion is wrong and dangerous. But as usual they shut him down. Go to this site and see the number of deaths (reported deaths-not all) and wonder what is really in that ‘vaccine’. Oh we in SC KY got down to 28.90° F on 11/04/2021 at 6:20AM CST.

  5. Michael

    Nice work Cap. Keep going. You’re doing a great job.

  6. Matt Dalby

    There was an excellent article on yesterday (4th) showing excess mortality in Scotland, i.e. the number of deaths above the long term average adjusted for population size and age. The number of deaths in the oldest age group went above average first, followed by deaths going above average in progressively younger age groups, i.e. in the order in which each age group was vaccinated with a time lag of 4-5 months. In itself this doesn’t prove that the vaccine is killing a lot of people, but it strongly points in that direction.
    In the U.K. there have been 1,700 deaths possibly linked to the vaccine, although a recent study estimated that only 10% of adverse reactions to all medicines are reported. Even if 10% is a large underestimate the vaccine may well have killed over 5,000 people so far, and no one knows how long it will continue to harm people for. Despite all this our leaders want to pressure ever younger children, who are at vanishingly small risk from covid, into having the vaccine. There is only one word for this, EVIL.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      It’s happening all over the world where people have taken the JAB. Even here in KY. Our hospital was so crowded they put us in unused work rooms until beds opened up. My Dr. told me that 98% were due to what he called COVID vaccine reactions – blood clots, pneumonia, heart inflammation, etc.
      Read/watch these and you will understand what is happening and Why I and others have warned ya’ll to stay away from the JAB.

    2. Deb

      I just got pressured at the dentist’s office, first by the nurse and then the dentist, to take the jab.
      I have to go back for oral surgery and had to decline IV anesthesia, because I’m afraid they’ll jab me while I’m out. That nurse was particularly rabid, saying I could infect other people with Covid even if I don’t have any symptoms.
      Unfortunately, oral surgeons are in very short supply here and it took me several months to get this set up.
      I figure the longer I wait, the more likely they are to jump my bones with a hypodermic while I’m vulnerable.
      Unless their own vaxes catch up with them in the meantime.
      That brainwashing is fearsome!

    3. Robert Campbell

      Matt, here in Australia our Bureau of Statistics has for years released national mortality rates every 6 weeks – until the first week of June 2021, that is. Since then they have not released any data.
      Senator Malcolm Roberts ( our Senate is the equivalent of your House of Lords, only with more power ) has twice over 12 weeks asked the Senator representing the Minister of Health a Question on Notice ( where being forewarned means that the answer should made to the question promptly ) requesting an up to date mortality data for the nation, and twice has failed to be accommodated in his request.
      The reason i think is this – most countries with now endemic Covid can disguise their vaccine deaths amongst the covid deaths relatively easily. In Australia, however, whilst we have a nationwide vaccination program we have had major Covid outbreaks in only 2 states out of 7 states and territories, so vaccine related deaths would increase mortality in states which don’t have Covid outbreaks and therefore would be obvious. so their answer is not to release the data at all.

  7. Peter Houlding

    “ I am seeing otherwise young and healthy adults bedridden with sicknesses that never would have impacted them so severely in the past.” You live in Portugal, ostensibly “off the grid”. Where are you seeing all these young ill people? Retain your credibility, Cap, and don’t exaggerate.

  8. Peter

    Yes it is intentional. Its whats been going on for a very long time.
    Suppress any form of truth that threatens the corrupt so called “Elites”. Theres a pattern. A common denominator.
    The triad of corruption is in this order. 1.Vatican- 2.London-3.Washington D.C. Washington and the Queen answers to the Vatican”Black Jesuits”. Its not a hollywood movie. How could we ever think that we are are running the show. 99% of us are as “Dumb as bat shit”.
    Thats why there’s Roman temple columns on the podium in Washington when the corrupt are announcing more deceit to their gullible, robotic moronic citizens. They answer to their rulers in Rome.
    Theres a lot more to this picture than anyone could ever imagine. History describes reptile beings. Vatican definition is “Divine Serpent”. Theres statues and paintings around the world throughout history depicting these reptiles. Is it just because they were stupid? I dont think so. Were the ancient Greeks stupid? They depict these reptiles as well as do the Chinese. So we must be stupid then which is obvious we are. They have stories of these reptilian beings like in India, described as the “Nagas”. People seem to think its far fetched, but id trust these ancients before id trust these modern day dim wits any day. In the vatican there’s a hall named after Paul the 6th. It directly resembles a snake head with eyes, fangs,scales. is one of many examples if people know where to look. This is a very important point that is being overlooked.
    They are the “Elites” running the show. and controlling the petty minded human slaves for their own benefit.
    And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that they are the cause throughout history of either causing or contributing to these major weather events like they’re able to do these days through Haarp. Its a known fact that the U.S, Russia and others can manipulate the weather in a major way. There seems to be a direct correlation between the uprising of empires and the coincidental extreme weather collapsing these empires.
    Things are not as they seem if people care to look beyond the lies.

    1. TW

      You have my attention and my interest but I fully admit stuff like this is too big for my brain.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      It seems the Reptilians are in full swing in Dulce (Sweet Mexicans) NM.
      If the illegal immigrants crossing the Southern US Border knew they were destined to become human smoothies for the Space Aliens they would be running south to Guatemala instead of crossing over into Arizona! LoL!
      The Secret Space Force has to make it’s reparations to the Repts in exchange for the technology acquired from them.
      Fiction First, Truth Later???

    3. Deb

      Serpents, reptiles, etc are descriptions of demonic spirits, not aliens-tho they are “alien” to us

      1. Dallas Schneider

        There has to be a life “spirit” running the physical reptilians, related to the dinosaurs, just like we are spirits running our human bodies.
        There was a report of the spirit of one of the Roswell Crash victims haunting the Roswell hospital where it had died for some time after the incident. Having just gone through losing a body a spirit could certainly act demonic, but picking up a human body is certainly no measure of sanity as evidenced by Fauci and crew!

    4. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

      Throughout history the use of the witch doctors, diviners, medicine men [including mousy Fauci/Gates acting/looking “experts”], hoodoo voodoo religious factions have been used to manipulate and control population sizing through poisoning, shunning, banishing [as opposed to more kinetic/physically/visually bloody including “inquisition” type means] and they were the most covert and efficient methods of mass herd control. In the last few centuries the use of forced “covert” MGM/FGM and fluoridation including the full spectrum air, food, water, Big Chemical/Pharma, EMF and “vaccination” and “immunization” injections/poisons utilizing hypodermic needle syringe programs delivered by mostly women imagined to be “nurturing nurse health “Nightingales” have been the most secretive, covert and efficient ways to deliver covert mass control and soft kill. Electronic/electrical power dependence, digital money, mass media, propaganda/entertainment, surveillance and the advanced levels of human physiology/psychology understanding exponentially facilitates the current eugenical scientific technocratic cull/”right sizing” of the planet as we enter into this next cyclical (mini/maxi) GSM ice age (natural depopulation) era. It’s just business on/in the big ranch ball/electroverse with cyclical frequent/yearly little winters and less frequent cyclical “big winters” every two to four centuries and cyclical “really big winters” every 90-100 ka locally/planetarily and galactically if not intergalactically.

      It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be…

      1. Deb

        Your last link:
        When I opened, it said,”Error 404
        Not Found”

  9. Read my latest paper.
    We predicted the current global cooling reality and the green energy scam way back in 2002. The Greens predicted we would burn up by now – FAIL.

    We also nailed the Covid-19 lockdown scam way back on 21March2020.
    Covid-19 Lockdowns were never justified. The Covid-19 “vaccines” are toxic.

    By Allan M.R. MacRae, October 20, 2021
    The ability to correctly predict is the best objective measure of scientific and technical competence.
    Following are the correct predictions of Allan MacRae and colleagues on Climate and Covid.
    Our scientific predictions are infinitely more accurate than the mainstream narratives, which have been false and baselessly alarmist to date.

    1. Here is a more recent versions of my latest paper:
      by Allan MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., October 2021

      1. Dallas Schneider

        A Correct Estimation of Effort is basic to Success in any endeavor!

  10. Deb

    Bill-Are you sure you exist?

  11. Lela Brister

    It’s all about the cost, extraction, delivery of a btu. Nothing else. Black gold rules everyone, everything, and four corners. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. Get your butt below 30deg latitude yesterday.

    1. Wizard

      What are you basing this on, sir/madam?

      Below 30 degrees of latitude (NORTH) is Hurghada(Egypt)-Kuwait-New Delhi(India)-Shanghai(China) line

      As for N/America, it’s Hermosillo(Mexico) — (US) San Antonio – Houston – New Orleans – Jacksonville

      SOUTH line
      In americas — Santiago (Chile) – Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Montevideo (Uruguay)
      In africa — souther part of South Africa, below the border with Lesotho
      In Australia — Green head (cca 240km north of Perth) to Coffs Harbour (cca 370km south of Brisbane)

      You mean to tell me the everything north/south of these approximate lines is simply done? Pardon me and my genuine shock, but that seems alarmist

      What are you basing this on? I won’t argue with you if you present irrefutable proof, but you can’t expect anyone to take such a claim at face value

  12. I seem to remember the IPCC claiming that the sun did not affect temperatures on the earth, whilst simultaneously declaring that the sun was responsible for temperatures on the surface of Jupiter. Or did i dream that….

    1. Deb

      It’s been my contention for years that the sun is the cause of temperatures going up during the day and down at night.

      No one had ever taken me to task for expressing that viewpoint. Is that because it is too simplistic to bother with, or because it is spot on?

  13. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

    That video might not exist but this world wide dark video does and it’s playing out in real time..

    Disney Documentary Glorifies Fauci’s Façade
    The dark side of Disney, the Vatican, the District of Columbia, City of London, Pilgrims Society, Club of Rome, all the Think-Tanks, all the three letter “institutions” and “watch dogs”, MSM, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the whole military/medical/media/satanic occult child/adult trafficking/sacrificing industrial complex, House of Windsor, SCOTUS and “legal system on down”, police, UN, WHO, WEF, Masons, organized religion, paedophilia … corruption… is just the dark way the “business” is done on the big ranch ball… and we’re just being “allowed” to “see” some/more of it during the big eugenical cull… internet bread and circuses for folks who like to read/watch… the Fauci Show [crisis] actor, like the politicians and TV/Hollywood actors are just doing their “acting” jobs… they all have bosses that they report to. It’s just a show and it must go on… https:// what is real are the reports of increased volcanism, increased cosmic ray induced cloud cover, [not just chemtrails], magnetic reversals, magnetosphere weakening, global dimming, global cooling, solar cycles/minimums/maximums [bye-bye), increased observable sun flare caused auroras now visible closer to the equator, food/supply line shortages [not just man-made] and the end game run away corruption/theatre preceding the incoming (mini/maxi) ice age… and it’s OK… it’s a cycle… Atlantis will rise again as the sea level drops again… it’s a cycle.
    Mag/Rev Discussion with Robert Felix | Ben Davidson | Magnetic Reversal Ice Age

  14. astradene

    hey Cap, and all around
    its been time now I suggest that you may do and update to solar cycle.. its going according to predictions, yes no and how.. is it worthy that it has exceeded 2010 or it doesnt says much? prof Zharkova would be welcome too..

  15. FGP

    A couple of things to research:

    “100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data”

    “The Sun is not hot…”

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